Cartel – Honestly 7″

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Vinyl

In 2015 Cartel’s single, “Honestly,” off their debut album, Chroma, was certified gold by the RIAA. Only took 10 years, but congrats to the band. What they shouldn’t be congratulated on however is charging $15 for a 7″ featuring two songs. Because that’s what they did when they released a 7″ for the song to commemorate it going gold. To make matters even worse, they charged $5 for shipping. I guess they figured it’s roughly half the size of an LP so we can get away with charging half of the shipping cost. For those who don’t remember they charged $10 shipping for their “official” band release of Chroma not too long ago and gave complete BS reasons to justify it.

As above mentioned, this 7″ single was released to celebrate the “Honestly” single going gold, so the band had 500 copies on gold vinyl pressed. The records are all hand numbered on the center label /500 and come in a picture disc sleeve that has “Honestly” printed in white capital letters across the front.

Initially the band was taking pre-orders for the 7″ on their Chroma 10th Anniversary Tour, then once the tour was over the band posted the remaining copies for sale online in August 2015. There they sat, going mostly unsold. Then out of the blue the 7″ was marked down more than 50% off to $7 in December 2015. This is when I pounced on buying the 7″ as I initially passed on it due to the ridiculous price tag; one of the reasons I held off buying their pressing of Chroma as well. They still charged $5 shipping for it, but this is likely the lowest they will ever price this 7″. This is more proof that if you don’t buy a record because it’s priced too high the greedy powers at be will eventually cave and be forced to lower the price in order to rid themselves of stock burdens and recoup costs best they can. Also lends more credence to the old patience is a virtue proverb because there are many people will spent $20 on this 7″ who, to put it nicely, are less than pleased right now.




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