Weezer – Everybody Needs Salvation 7″ (Weezer Fan Club release)

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Vinyl

In 2015 Weezer released a handful of new songs but at the time they were released none of them had a physical release. “Everybody Needs Salvation” was the first of their “new” songs released and intended to be a fan club exclusive song. But leave it to the internet to have the song be somewhat leaked, as almost immediately after the song was sent out to fan club members it appeared on Youtube, where it’s still up as of posting this. Many people don’t like this song, but I enjoy it greatly. It was initially written for their latest album; Everything Will Be Alright In The End, but was omitted. So this song is an unreleased b-side and not a true new song.

The song did receive a physical release, but was a fan club exclusive. It’s pressed on red vinyl and comes with a download card. I do not know how many copies were pressed. It’s a single-sided 7″ so only the single is on it. The 7″ also came with a fan club t-shirt and patch. The back of the jacket has the lyrics to the song printed on it. The cover art was chosen by Rivers Cuomo himself and is a painting by Antonello da Messina titled Ecce Homo, which was painted in 1475.

Since I don’t join fan clubs anymore after The Gaslight Anthem debacle, and the fan club exclusive release was barely publicized, I had no idea this 7″ existed for a long time. I looked into the fan club and found out it cost $35 to join, plus $12 shipping, and because it was so long after the 7″ was sent out I emailed the fan club to find out if new members would receive the 7″ but never heard back. So I opted not to join the fan club and wait for one to pop up on ebay or discogs for cheaper than the $47 it would cost to join the fan club, because all I would join it for would this 7″. I won a sealed copy (felt it being sealed was important because the download card would be unused) of this 7″ for $16 ppd, well less than half the price of the fan club itself. Some people might consider that a lot for a 7″ with only one song, but I feel like I won and I obviously saved a decent chunk of change.



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