Jim Adkins – Hell 7″

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Vinyl
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Jim Adkins, lead singer of Jimmy Eat World, released his first solo studio material of his career in 2015. He has done solo tours and one off shows here and there over the years, and there was Go Big Casino, but these three 7″ singles mark his first true solo efforts. They were released as part of a singles series of sorts, because if you ordered the physical records instead of the digital files only you received all three 7″ singles all at once in one shipment. All singles in the “series” feature a new, original song on the a-side with a cover song on the b-side.

You could not buy any of the singles in the “series” separately, you had to buy all three in order to get one of them. There was also a bundle option that included a polyesters 7″ carrying bag. I have not seen pictures of the actually finished product, but from the mock ups in the web store the bag is black with pink lettering, has a zippered opening and a strap. This bag tacked on an additional $10 on top of the $20 for the 7″s themselves, and it also jacked up shipping price to over $11 from $5. By all accounts from people who bought the bag bundle it is pretty much pointless, so it seemed like a wasted $20 odd dollars. So I’m glad I passed on the bag despite me typically being a sucker for things like bags, boxes, slip cases etc.

The third single in the “series” was Hell. The title song is on the a-side with the b-side being a cover of the Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” The third single was pressed on red vinyl limited to 1500 copies.

Jim Adkins - Hell 3


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