New Found Glory – Resurrection: Ascension

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Vinyl

In trying to keep old traditions alive, New Found Glory re-released their latest album, Resurrection as a special edition with bonus tracks. This is also something Hopeless Records loves to do with their older scene bands. They did the same thing with Taking Back Sunday and their latest album Happiness Is as well as with Bayside and their latest album Cult. This latest release/version of Resurrection gets a new title; Resurrection: Ascension. You can read about the original release of Resurrection.

Typically I don’t buy re-presses but there are some exceptions I make for the collector part of myself. This release meets that bill and checks multiple boxes; bonus tracks not included on earlier pressings/releases, different cover art and released on a different/extended format. So let’s touch on each of those boxes.

Resurrection: Ascension features the same songs that appear on the initial release of Resurrection with some exclusive bonus tracks sprinkled in. Some of these bonus tracks are utter garbage and completely unnecessary. Some of the bonus tracks are acoustic versions of album songs, which is fine, but others feature guest vocalists with different arrangements of album songs. One of those pointless filler songs is comprised completely of guest vocalists, who even all do gang vocals during the chorus. It ruins on otherwise mediocre song, which is quite an accomplishment. The song in question is “Ready And Willing,” which even gets a new title; “Ready And Willing II.” Ready And Willing II” features vocalists from bands all past their prime or never had a prime, including Ryan Key (Yellowcard), Mike Herrera (MxPx), Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake), Chris Carraba (Dashboard Confessional & Further Seems Forever), Chris Conley (Saves The Day), Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids), Brianna Collins (Tigers Jaw), Mark Hoppus (Blink-182), Garrett Dale (Red City Radio) and David Wood (Down To Nothing). New Found Glory’s own singer, Jordan Pundik, does not make as much as a peep on “Ready And Willing II.”

Other bonus tracks on this version of Resurrection include “Ready & Willing (acoustic)”, so essentially the same song appears three separate times on the same album. “Persistent (acoustic), “Living Hell (acoustic),” Vicious Love (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore),” “The Enemy” and “The Crown.” The last two songs are brand new songs, which makes the re-release of Resurrection somewhat worthwhile. The overall track listing for Resurrection: Ascension is also completely re-arranged from the original release on Resurrection. Bonus tracks are stuffed in the middle of the re-release, which disrupts the flow of the album, and it’s not like they just bumped each song down a track. For example; “Vicious Love” is track 6 on Resurrection but is moved to track 19 on Resurrection: Ascension.

The artwork for Resurrection: Ascension is basically the same as the original release. Instead of a white design it’s silver, and Resurrection: Ascension instead of just Resurrection is written below the diamond and circle design. This re-release is also pressed as a double LP instead of a single LP. It comes housed in a gatefold jacket, another difference from the original release, and has a huge 18×14″ fold out poster. The poster is simply a promo photo of the band, it’s a single sided poster. The gatefold jacket is literally the insert from the original pressing of Resurrection. One side of the gatefold is one side of the insert and the other side of the gatefold is the reverse side of the insert. Another knock on this re-release as they took the easy, cheap route with the inside of gatefold jacket.

The gatefold jacket is die-cut, with ‘NFG’ on the cover being the only portion die-cut. The silver that shows through the die-cut portion of the jacket is one of the record’s dust sleeves, which is all silver on both sides and printed on glossy paper. To be clear the dust sleeves of both records of the double LP set are entirely silver.

For the first time since starting this blog I made a critical error with the pressing info for this record. Resurrection: Ascension was pressed on two different colors; green and silver. Green is limited to 1,000 copies, which has been announced ever since this re-release was put up for pre-order in late July 2015. After the record came out in October 2015 it became known that another variant was floating around; silver. Green is exclusive to Hopeless Records and is only available from their webstore hosted by Merchnow. Yes, you can find it in New Found Glory’s merchnow store, but Merchnow filters things out by band and label, so if something is available in a label’s store it will be available in the respective band’s store as well. Silver, initially, was available everywhere other than Hopeless, but now it appears even Hopeless is selling the silver variant as well. This is where I screwed up the pressing info…

I emailed my contact at Hopeless to ask about the pressing info for the silver variant of this and somehow their response is not showing up in my email anymore. It was there, and now it’s not. No way to click on original message, show full message or anything along those lines. At first I thought I deleted it but I save all the pressing info emails until I get around to writing an entry for the respective record. So I did get the pressing info for the silver variant, but lost it somewhere along the lines. If memory serves me right silver is limited to 1,500 copies, but again, I can’t verify it by my usual means. My memory is pretty good and I have Jeopardy level trivia knowledge I can spout off at will. I remember the pressing info for the silver and green in my head because I weighed the decision of whether it would be better to either wait and buy a green copy when it go cheap enough or buy a silver copy because I could get it for $15. I opted for the later. To be honest if the pressing info was 2,000 on up for silver I might have waited to buy a green at some point down the road.

The price point on Resurrection: Ascension is reasonable for a double LP, $25. But considering this release is nothing short of a cash grab the price is harder to swallow. I advise people wait to buy this if they plan to or are on the fence. New Found Glory does not sell records like they use to, and this record will likely sit around awhile and get a price cut at some point from various places. But if you can buy this for $15 or less I would jump on that deal because I can’t see it going much lower in price than that.

Something of importance, at least I feel it is, with this release is that Sub City/Hopeless and New Found Glory teamed up with the Fender Music Foundation, which supports music education on a nationwide level by providing instruments to those in need and advocating the benefits of music education. For more info visit Portions of every purchase of both Resurrection: Ascension and digital download sales of “Ready And Willing II” go to the Fender Music Foundation.

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