What’s Eating Gilbert – Come On Let’s Go 7″

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Vinyl
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What’s Eating Gilbert self-released a covers 7″ in 2014 entitled Come On Let’s Go. The 7″ features four songs, two on each side. The A-side has (in order) Richie Valens cover “Come On Let’s Go” and Cher/Betty Everett cover “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss).” The B-side has Roy Orbison cover “Pretty Woman” and Johnny Cash cover “I Still Miss Someone.”

Come On Let’s Go was pressed on three variants; 200 copies on green (as described in web store) / light green (as described by Chad Gilert), 200 copies on yellow and 100 copies on light blue and black haze. The light blue and black haze was a California show exclusive that Chad only sold on his brief What’s Eating Gilbert tour of California in the summer of 2014. I wasn’t even aware the tour exclusive variant existed until months after said tour ended. But it’s not like I would be able to get one anyway because that tour never hit the East Coast. The green is a mint or sea foam green in color, not the traditional green you think of, and the yellow is also light in color. All the variants are opaque as well.

A download card/code is not included with the 7″, which is my only gripe about the release. And digital files are not available from places like iTunes so you can’t listen to these songs on the go unless you’re capable of ripping them from your turntable.

This 7″ was exclusively sold online by District Lines, which was a shame because they charged more for shipping a 7″ than the actual 7″cost. They wanted $6 shipping for a 7″, basically double what it should cost. The 7″ itself cost $5, a very reasonable price, but the shipping ruined it. It likely resulted in most copies of the 7″ going unsold for well over one year. Around the holiday season in 2015, Chad Gilbert listed a bunch of What’s Eating Gilbert merch on ebay, including copies of both the non-tour exclusive varaints of his covers 7″. He was charging the same price as District Lines (Chad even had a Make an Offer option), but had $4 shipping. This is when I decided to finally buy a copy, as it was obviously cheaper than it would be from District Lines and the shipping was appropriate. Plus, the money would be going straight to Chad. After getting my copy in the mail I was shocked to see that Chad mailed it 2-day Priority Mail even though he only charged $4 for shipping. This likely set him back at least $10, making it a net loss for him. Not only that, but Chad even included free goodies on top of the 7″, including five pins, a WWF Wrestlemania V trading card, which took place in my home state (so Chad clearly put some extra thought into what he included with my package) and last but not least, a next to impossible to find copy of his SWSW Split 7″ with Octaves on white vinyl limited to 100 copies.

What's Eating Gilbert - Come On Let's Go - Copy


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