What’s Eating Gilbert – That New Sound You’re Looking For

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Vinyl
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What’s Eating Gilbert released their first full length album after releasing several 7″s since forming. Chad Gilbert’s (New Found Glory) side project is a 50s rock & roll inspired band that has him singing lead vocals. The album, That New Sound You’re Looking For, features all new material. No songs from any of their 7″s appear on this album, it’s all brand new songs.

The record was released by Hopeless Records and pressed on three different variants. Initially it only appeared as if there were only two variants, but after the record was released people started receiving copies on orange vinyl, which was not one of the two announced variants (blue and yellow) at the time. Some people speculated that it was an error pressing where the plant didn’t get the yellow right and it came out so dark it became orange. But unbeknownst to everyone Hopeless had another variant made up that was available everyone other than the label themselves or from the band on tour. Blue and yellow vinyl were put up for preorder, but pressing info was never released for the yellow variant, only blue. After getting in touch with my contact at Hopeless, I found out that blue is limited to 300 copies (which was already announced), yellow is limited to 300 copies and orange is limited to 1,000 copies. There is a hype sticker on the cover that denotes what color the record is and all copies come in a gatefold jacket.

You may be thinking to yourselves 1,600 seems like an odd number, and you’ll be right. So either one of two things happened; either Hopeless ordered 250 copies each of blue and yellow and an overrun of roughly 50 copies per color happened, or there is another variant out there to make the pressing an even 2,000 copies total. I’m leaning more towards the overrun idea because Hopeless has a pretty good reputation. I doubt they would secretly have a fourth variant pressed and hold on to it all this time.

The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket and comes with a download card. Retail on it is around $20. This will likely get marked down from a vast majority of places because it won’t sell. It’s sad to say that because I love New Found Glory and What’s Eating Gilbert, it’s just that their popularity is waning or was never really there to begin with. To be honest I would’ve held off on buying this even longer, but I grew impatient waiting because it was never marked down. I bought it for under $13 after using a promo code. I see this getting marked down even more significantly than that in the future as stock lingers.



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