Motion City Soundtrack – Panic Stations

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Vinyl

Motion City Soundtrack’s latest album, Panic Stations, is their best record in years. It’s better than their previous album, Go, but not quite as good as Commit This To Memory (their best in my opinion) or I Am The Movie. It’s rivals My Dinosaur Life and it’s better than Even If It Kills Me. Many people seem to dislike Panic Stations, the band’s sixth studio album, but I enjoy it greatly. I’m chalking up the dislike to the typical disgust towards band’s later works people harbor.

Panic Stations was pressed on three variants; blue, red and black. Colored vinyl cost more than the black variant, which is a practice I despise. Blue cost $25 and black cost $20. I’ll buy the cheaper variant every time. Yes, you will find some exceptions in my collection and on this blog, but I’ve smartened up over time and for the most part shop by my wallet and not by what pretty color a record comes on or how limited it is. If you can save $5 on a record it really adds up over time. Think about it; save $5 per record four separate times by not splurging on the colored or most rare variant and you can afford to buy a whole other album.

Pressing info has not been released, and you’ll be hard pressed to find it. Epitaph Records is about 50-50 in terms of releasing pressing info. They do it for some of their releases but not all of them, and they rarely respond to inquiries asking for pressing info. What I do know is that black vinyl is the widely available variant, which you’ll get if you order from places like Amazon or other distro sources. I think blue is exclusive to the Epitaph web store and red is exclusive to the band’s web store through Go Merch. There is supposedly a Hot Topic exclusive of this album, but it has yet to surface. So there may be a fourth variant out there on a different color, or one of the aforementioned colors (red or blue) is the $hit Topic exclusive. The album has been out for several months now (September 2015) and the $hit Topic exclusive has still not appeared, so what I’m guessing happened is a $hit Topic rep flat out lied to people so they would hold off on buying the record and buy it from $hit Topic. He’s been asked about it and ignored the question.

***UPDATE 11/23/2016 – I was finally able to obtain the pressing info directly from Epitpah. To my knowledge the pressing info has not been posted anywhere before now. So here it is: 600 copies on red, 1,000 copies on blue and 3,000 copies on black.***

All copies come in a gatefold jacket, which has a spot gloss finish on the cover. A download card is included, which yields high quality 320 kbps MP3s.

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