No Devotion – Permanence

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Vinyl
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After releasing two 12″ singles in 2014 as a lead up to their debut full length, No Devotion finally released said full length, Permanence, in late September 2015. Most of the songs from the aforementioned 12″ singles appear on the full length. However, if you were holding out on buying the 12″ singles because you were waiting for the album you may still need to buy at least one of them because the “10,000 Summers” 12″ has an exclusive song on it that does not appear on the full length.

Permanence was pressed on three different colors, and full pressing info has not been released. There is only 1 color, silver, which has numbers released. There are 500 copies on silver, with copies being split between Collect Records’ U.S. web store and Banquet Records in the UK. It’s not an even split between the two retailers, the UK did not get as many copies as the U.S., but supply would be re-stocked to meet demand until the variant goes OOP. The other colors are coke bottle green and black, with an unknown amount on each. Coke bottle green is an indie record store exclusive, and does not appear to be exclusive to the U.S. as Banquet is selling copies of it as well as the Silver (black copies too for those wondering).

The album was pressed as a double LP housed in a gatefold jacket. It comes with an obi-strip, something I feel is one of the most pointless things to include with a non-import release. An insert is also included, which has the lyrics printed on it. Al copies come with a download card too. The cover art expands into a larger image after you open the gatefold jacket. Price for this release is around $20, and no one variant is more expensive than the other. Odds are you can wait a while and buy this on sale as I can’t see this going OOP any time soon. I wouldn’t buy this for anything higher than $15, which is the price point I jumped on it. But I’m sure that will come back to bite me as it will be even cheaper in the future. I just got impatient waiting for it to essentially go on clearance.

I’ll close with this. In the past I was able to get in touch with my contact at Collect Records to find out the pressing info, but they have not responded to any inquiries in about two months. At this point I’ve given up trying to contact them. He was very good with responding to me and helping me out when I ordered a 12″ single box set that only had one of the two singles in it. I’m not sure what happened. I hope it’s not related to that AIDs drug pharma CEO, as he was an investor with Collect Records and Geoff Rickly cut all ties with him after the controversy surrounding the price hike broke and the resulting outrage (not at Collect or Geoff, but the pharma CEO). I hope my contact didn’t lose his job.


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