Emery – The Question

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Vinyl

In what can only be described as a cash grab move, Capitol Records/Universal Music Group, who bought Tooth & Nail Records’ catalog, decided 2015 was finally the time to license out what was once Tooth & Nail’s own release back to them so they could press it on vinyl. Emery’s sophomore album, The Question, was something many people wanted on vinyl for a long time. But not like this. This record simply does not sound good. This will be one of the few times I tell people to steer clear of something. Considering the price tag they’re charging for this, regardless of circumstances behind the pressing coming to be, it should be a better all around release.

Everyone who loves this album remembers the CD packaging for it because it’s awesome. The CD booklet opens like an envelope. It was sealed with a sticker that you could peel back to open up the booklet, which had the lyrics nicely printed inside. The vinyl version of the album does not have any of that. It’s simply the album cover art enlarged to fit the LP format and a printed dust sleeve without the lyrics anywhere to be found. The dust sleeve has images taken from the CD version on one side and liner notes and credits printed on the reverse side. The jacket does not open up like the CD version booklet as everyone hoped for. Neither a download code nor CD copy of the album are included with the record, which is not totally unexpected considering it’s a licensed release, but it’s another reason to not be happy about the price tag.

There are two variants for the record; red limited to 1500 copies and clear limited to 300 copies. Clear is a Hot Topic exclusive, and they did not announce pressing info for their exclusive, which is a typical move for them. I emailed Tooth & Nail to find out how many copies were pressed on clear, and was told 300. Even though that number was first posted on a message board, anything posted on a message board can’t be taken as gospel because people rarely post sources. And you know there are trolls out there, and they love to screw with people one way or another.

Red is available everywhere other than $hit Topic. $hit Topic is charging an exorbitant amount for it, their typical $5 markup on top of the regular retail price, coming out to $26.50 before taxes (everyone in the U.S. has to pay taxes because $hit Topic has a store in all 50 states). The only reason I bought this from $hit Topic was because I found a coupon code for a ridiculous amount, something like 25% off. Take that discount plus my ebates rewards and I spent $17 on this when I would have spent over $22 for it by avoiding $hit Topic. Fear of the record (not a specific variant) selling out was also a factor.


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