Kurt Cobain – And I Love Her / Sappy (early demo) 7″

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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In the grand scheme of things the amount of Nirvana and/or Kurt Cobain material floating around out there is vast, and seemingly never ending. Every so often new, unheard material surfaces in some form or another. Whether it be live bootlegs, demos, b-sides or acoustic versions of album tracks. In 2015 a well hyped documentary on Kurt Cobain’s life was released, along with an accompanying soundtrack/album from the film. The songs featured in the documentary appear on the soundtrack/album, and are either all new, never heard before songs or unheard versions of songs that later appeared on one of Nirvana’s studio releases. I say soundtrack/album because it’s more of a compilation of early Cobain material than true soundtrack. Montage Of Heck is the name of the documentary, which starts from Kurt’s childhood up through his death in 1994.

A 7″ single was released to promote the soundtrack/album, with the 7″ featuring two songs that would appear on the full length album. “And I Love Her” and “Sappy (earl demo)” are the two songs on the 7″, and they appear in that order with one song per side. “And I Love Her” is a Beatles cover, and most Nirvana fans should recognize “Sappy” in one or more of it’s many fors over the years.”Sappy” has been released on numerous bootlegs and as bonus tracks on later re-releases of Nevermind and In Utero.

The 7″ is pressed on black vinyl (all copies) and comes in a regular jacket, not a paper sleeve or anything more extravagant like a screen printed one. The 7″ itself does not come with a dust sleeve, which is quite annoying. It means the record was bouncing around inside the jacket for its entire life up until purchase which may leads to scratches and scuff that affect play. No word on pressing info, but when the 7″ was up for pre-order some sites claimed it was “limited” That “limited” claim is nothing more than a sales tactic, as these can easily be found almost everywhere that sells records. There are probably thousands of these things left. Retail on this 7″ is $10, which also hurt sales. I bought this from Bull Moose after they cut the price by more than half to $4 about one month ago, likely in an effort to rid themselves of stock.

Kurt Cobain - And I Love her bw Sappy - Copy


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