Nirvana – All The Kings Horses

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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Another Nirvana bootleg, this one, All The Kings Horses, has gone through two pressings and there are some difference between thing aesthetically speaking. The somewhat official title of this boot is All The Kings Horses, but also printed on the cover along the bottom is “The Milestone Club, North Carolina, USA. 2nd May, 1990” which some people consider a sub title. The second pressing drops the ‘The’ from that sub title however.

The two pressings have different covers but the same cover art, a picture of Kurt Cobain sitting down on a stage with a distressed look on his face as he runs his hand through his hair. Seems like that could be a bit confusing but it’s very easy to discern. The first pressing has a yellow background (piece of paper in reality) pasted to a stock cardboard jacket (plain brown/faded white in color) while the second pressing has a black background and is a traditional jacket. The first pressing comes on two colors; transparent yellow and black. The second pressing only comes on black vinyl. The first pressing was released by Trademark Of Quality, a “label” notorious for the DIY style jackets with the pasting of sheets of paper onto a plain stock jacket. Which explains the difference in the covers between the two pressing. The second pressing was done by an unknown, unnamed “label.” Names of those responsible for bootlegs are often purposely left off physical releases, so it’s not surprising to see this. The second pressing the catalog number ‘ATKH001’ cut into the matrix, which probably means something to someone.

The track listing is the same between the two pressings:

Side A

  1. Here She Comes Now
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. Love Buzz
  4. Dive


Side B

  1. About a Girl
  2. Polly
  3. Scoff
  4. Pay To Play
  5. Molly’s Lips


Track 4 on Side B later became known as “Stay Away” which appeared on Nevermind with changed lyrics. The song in original “Pay To Play” form also later appeared on an official greatest/hits/discography/b-sides and rarities collection release, With The Lights Out.

Prices can be a bit absurd for this boot. There are hardcore Nirvana collectors out there who want everything and anything Nirvana related and are willing to pay whatever it takes to get it in their collection. So that turns at $15 bootleg into a $40 or $50 bootleg on the second hand market. Many bootlegs are hard to find. Many record stores don’t carry them because they don’t want to touch bootlegs with a 10 foot pole, and even if they are willing to flirt with the legalities, distribution on bootlegs is few and far between at best. This is one of the odd occasions where a copy from the first pressing does not necessarily go for more money.

Nirvana - All The Kings Horses - Copy


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