V/A – Hard To Believe A Kiss Covers Compilation

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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One of the few good things about Discogs is their extensive database. It’s how I found out about countless comps and bootlegs some of my favorite bands appeared on that I had clue about. Perfect example is this covers compilation featuring Nirvana entitled Hard To Believe A Kiss Covers Compilation.

First off there are two separate pressings of this comp, one as a single LP (featured here) and one as a double LP. As the title suggests, it full of covers of Kiss songs. The song Nirvana contributes is “Do You Love Me?”

The single LP pressing featured here was released by C/Z Records out of the Czech Republic in 1990, and the double LP pressing was released by Waterfront Records out of Australia in 1990. Waterfront Records also released a single LP pressing of their own. The visual difference between the C/Z and Waterfront single LP pressing is that the Waterfront pressing comes in a gatefold jacket and the C/Z pressing does not. All copies of the single LP, regardless of pressing or label, were pressed on black vinyl. The double LP pressing comes on two variants; black vinyl and red vinyl. Pressing info for any of the pressing, whether it’s single LP or double LP, has never been released, and never expect it to seeing as this comp was released 25 years ago.

The biggest difference between the two pressings is that the double LP has more songs on it. The single LP either has 11 or 12 songs on it, the Waterfont Records single LP ha 11 songs for whatever reason. The double LP has 16 songs. The track listing between the single LP and double LP is also completely different, the additional four songs found on the double LP are not simply tacked on to the end where the single LP leaves off. The track listing gets even more confusing, as some songs found on the single LP pressings are not found on the double LP pressing. To be honest, it’s too much work (it will also take up a ton more space on the blog causing scrolling issues) for me to list out all the differences regarding the track listing. If you’re interested in that sort of info check out the Discogs page for this release.

This comp ranges in price from around $10 on the low end on up to $50 on the high end. This is not a hard to find or even rare in limited quantities release, so condition is everything with something this old. You’ll obviously pay more for a sealed copy or M/NM one. With that said though, the double LP pressing is the harder to find and more expensive one, but only slightly so.

Hard To Believe A Kiss Covers Compilation - Copy



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