V/A – Hype! Soundtrack 7″ Box Set

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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When Soundtracks get pressed they’re usually a fairly straight forward release. Typically in the form of an LP of some kind. For the soundtrack to the film Hype!, Sub Pop released the soundtrack in a 4×7″ box set in 1997. Because of this more than half the songs from the soundtrack are cut off of the vinyl version, but despite that the more important songs are still featured on the vinyl version. A lot of the lesser known bands are left off the vinyl version, with the box set featuring Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and The Wipers, among others. Ten out of the 23 songs on the soundtrack can be found on the vinyl version.

The box set comes with a slip lid that pulls off revealing a huge fold out poster and the four 7″ records in stock label sleeves (Sub Pop die cut paper sleeves). The sleeves have half of the Sub Pop logo on each side, so if you place two of the 7″ sleeves next to each other, with opposite sides facing up, it forms the entire Sub Pop logo. Each of the four records are on different colors; Record 1 is on purple, record 2 is on green (light green), record 3 is on grey and record 4 is on blue (baby blue). All records have some marbling in them.

There were 2,000 total copies of the Hype! box set pressed and there are many determining factors to its price aside from condition. Sub Pop has a devout following, and there is a market for all of their releases, regardless of quality and/or popularity of the music. The next major factor are the bands featuring on this release, mainly Nirvana. But Soundgarden, Mudhoney and The Wipers are popular in their own right, they’re just nowhere near Nirvana’s level. You can still find factory sealed box sets, which is a huge surprise given its age. And those fetch the highest dollar amount at around $45. You can buy one of these sets for $20, but they will obviously be in worse condition, possibly even missing the poster.

The hardest thing price wise about this release is the condition of the box itself. Many of them are banged up pretty bad, but sellers still want more for them than they’re worth despite the box being dented (worse than a dinged corner on an LP jacket), stained, torn, scratched or otherwise nicked. But with that said it can work out in your favor. Many stupid, greedy and/or unrealistic sellers are selling these with dented corners (sealed or not) for the same price as a sealed box set without dents or other damage. So if the seller accepts offers on a sites like ebay or discogs, you can haggle for a lower price using the other box set’s better condition at the same price as leverage.

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