Circa Survive – Juturna (Deluxe 10 Year Edition)

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Vinyl
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One of the most in demand albums on vinyl has been Circa Survive’s debut Juturna. In 2015, well I should say 2016 because that is when the record actually came out, the album was re-pressed for a fourth time, but this time Equal Vision Records (EVR) decided to commemorate the album’s 10th anniversary with a deluxe edition. Mired in delays, this latest pressing of Juturna finally started shipping in February 2016 when it was originally slated for a – 2015 release. The wait was actually beneficial for me because I was album to use multiple coupon codes (I’ll explain further below) EVR released around the 2015 holiday season.

This latest pressing of Juturna has both a traditional single LP version and a deluxe edition triple LP version. The single LP version is simply a re-press (which I may delve into details about at a later date), while the deluxe edition has all the bonus tracks (minus the stems) that were released with the 10th Anniversary edition of the album. The bonus tracks include demos and b-sides, however the download card yields even more bonus tracks including instrumental versions and all the stems to every song on the album. In all 34 tracks (all featured on the vinyl version of the deluxe edition) plus the stems are on the download card. The hidden bonus track, “House Of Leaves” is included at the end of the final track, “Meet Me In Montauk” after a short silence gap. So there are actually 35 songs on the vinyl version. Rather than list out the track listing I am going to include a photo (at the end of this post) of the back of the jacket, which has the track listing nicely broken down and clearly legible.

The deluxe edition is limited to 2500 copies and was pressed as a triple LP with the first LP on olive/cream splatter, second on orange/cream speckled and the third on pinkish red/clear haze. The mock ups EVR released at the time of the pre-orders are somewhat close to what the actual records came out looking like, but none of them are spot on. They weren’t the hardest colors schemes to pull off, but either way they turned out looking awesome. The olive/cream is more grey than olive and the cream is pure white. There is also black mixed in as well. The orange/cream speckled is actually white with orange splatter and the pinkish red/clear haze is flat out red circle on clear. The f-side is etched with the album artwork. It comes housed in a triple panel gatefold jacket and includes a fold out insert.

The insert is one of the most unique ones I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially a booklet because of the way it opens. The cover of the insert is split down the middle, with each panel opening up to reveal parts of the liner notes. The liner notes are stories told by the band members, the album’s producer Brian McTernan, Bill Scoville (album layout) and the artist responsible for all the band’s artwork Esao Andrews. The liner notes are done like an interview and delve into the history of the band, Juturna’s recording process and the band reflecting back on those times based on their current level of success. Some of Esao Andrew’s artwork concepts are also featured in the liner notes, and he explains his thought process behind each of those designs plus the final version. The back of the insert has the lyrics printed on it.

The tripe panel gatefold jacket features expanded artwork, again done by Esao Andrews. His artwork can be found all over this version of Juturna. One minor complaint about the jacket is that none of the pockets for the records are sealed; they’re all open ended so the records aren’t that secure. Typically on these types of jackets only the middle pocket is left open ended. There is a hype sticker on the cover that says “Juturna: Deluxe en year Edition Triple LP Set.” The sticker goes on to say the colors of the vinyl and details of the download card. The hype stickers are essentially the same across all the variants for this latest pressing of Juturna. They’re all small silver rectangles, the only difference is what is said on them depending on the variant.

So far there has only been one person complaining about sound quality issues, but said person has already blamed it on their set up once he got slammed for his complaints. So take those sound quality issues with a grain of salt. And to be perfectly honest I haven’t listened to this yet. It’s in a long line of records I need to listen to for the first time. But I do plan on going through my entire collection to do sound comparisons between the different pressings of albums I have. I’m doing this to give my advice and opinion on which pressing to buy.

As I mentioned above this record was delayed and those delays benefited me greatly. I tend not to pre-order records anymore because it seems they rarely sell out and I can get them cheaper down the road. My wallet has overpowered my desire to get new records coming in. Of course there are some exceptions to my not ore-ordering disposition based on a handful of factors, and this record was one of them. I fully anticipated the deluxe edition selling out quickly through pre-orders so I bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on pre-ordering it.

Retail on this is $50, but because of the delays, and there were several, I was able to use not one but two different coupon codes. The first one I used was for 15% off, so I canceled by initial order and re-ordered using that code. But since the record was still not slated to come out for another few months another coupon code was released for 20% off, so I canceled my order for a second time and re-ordered. So I went from spending $50, to spending $42.50 to spending $40 on this.

Now to the delays. Pre-orders were launched at the end of July 2015 with a release date in mid November. Then in mid October 2015 Merchnow (distro handling pre-orders for most variants) notified people via email that the vinyl version was delayed due to manufacturing and orders containing the vinyl “will” be shipping approximately late December/early January. But to make amends they sent out the digital downloads to everyone who pre-ordered before the date they sent the actual email. Then at the end of December Merchnow sent emails to everyone who pre-ordered saying it was delayed yet again, this time till the end of January/early February. That was the last delay. This release is the perfect example of why I don’t pre-order things anymore. It was one of the longest pre-orders I’ve ever dealt with, but far from the worst. I’m sure everyone who remembers the MTS nonsense will agree with me. The records finally started shipping in early February 2016.


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