BR/DGES – Love And Hate 7″

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Vinyl
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BR/DGES is the solo project from Moneen front man Kenny Bridges. This 7″, entitled Love And Hate, is his debut release and features two brand new songs. They’re not re-worked Moneen songs or songs meant to be Moneen songs. The a-side track is “What Are You Waiting For?” and the b-side track is “Save The Best.” Both songs are acoustic and if you like Moneen it’s worth checking out this 7″ by at least buying a digital download.

The 7″ was only pressed on one color; opaque yellow limited to 300 copies. But with that said, there were also some test presses that were part of the Dine Alone Records 10 Year Anniversary bundles which came autographed by Kenny on the center label. Not sure how many of those copies were pressed. Some people who pre-ordered the 7″ (regardless of the stand alone 7″ or bundle) received a personalized note from Kenny as well, which was also autographed.

The 7″ was released by Dine Alone Records out of Canada, and if you wanted to buy this and have it shipped to the USA you’d be paying a lot for shipping. However, the conversion rate helps you a lot because Dine Alone’s prices are in Canadian Dollars. A download card is included with all copies.

BR-DGES - Love And Hate - Copy



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