Moneen – Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Vinyl
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In 2016 Moneen’s Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? was finally pressed on vinyl by Dine Alone Records. The album was pressed as a double LP on two variants; red w/ black (red base w/ a black circle/blob in the middle of the record) limited to 300 copies and black 180 gram limited to 600 copies. The color variant was exclusive to bundles offered up by Dine Alone; either a Moneen bundle or a bundle that was part of the label’s 10th Anniversary celebration that included Moneen releases (this album plus the Moneen/Alexisonfire Switcheroo Split) and Alexisonfire releases. The black 180 gram was only available outside of the bundles, and could be purchased separately.

To say the least, this release had nothing but problems. First off, there was not even a release date set when pre-orders went up, not even an expected release date with the standard this may change disclaimer. On top of that glaring red flag, there were multiple delays (shocking, I know), and it took almost one year after the pre-order launched for the records to actually start shipping. Pre-orders launched in May 2015 and the records didn’t start shipping until March 2016. Delays were initially for bad test pressings, so the label apparently switched to a different plant, so the project started over at the very beginning. After that is was just production delays because they ran into the Record Store Day crush, on top of plants already having months long back logs because it seems like everything gets released on vinyl these days; even Sponge Bob and covers of cartoon theme songs.

When this record finally start shipping, people started receiving the wrong variant. But this mistake was actually in the favor of those who received the wrong variant, as they received the more limited bundle exclusive variant on color vinyl. On the other hand though, this mistake could screw people who paid for the bundle and might not receive the correct variant. Many people were rightfully upset over this, considering the long wait for this record, they now might not get what they ordered. The label’s explanation was that a box of color vinyl was mistakenly labeled as black. Since all copies come sealed, this is a reasonable excuse. This release is a perfect example of why I rarely pre-order anything anymore.

All copies of Are We Really Happy… come in a gatefold jacket and have a fold out insert that has the lyrics printed on the inner panels. No download is included, likely because this album was initially released by Smallman/Vagrant Records. When I received my copy the records felt rather light, and they flexed tremendously. They didn’t feel like 180 gram records, so I actually weighed them on my scale (I rarely do this, only to see how far off from 180 gram some releases are when they’re suppose to be 18 gram), and the first LP is 148 grams and the second is 138. So my copy is on standard weight vinyl. I don’t know of anyone else who has this issue, but I doubt I’m the only one out there. So I can’t say it’s false advertising on Dine Alone’s part because it doesn’t seem like a widespread problem with the entire pressing. It’s not the end of the world, I am only upset because of how much I paid for this record all things considered after having it shipped from Canada.

Regarding the price, Dine Alone’s store is in Canadian Dollars, so the exchange rate is in your favor if you’re ordering from the U.S.. But even so, shipping is where the difference is made up, because it roughly $18 Canadian depending on where you live. The record itself costs $25 Canadian.

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