Weezer – Death To False Metal

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Vinyl

In 2014 SRCvinyl (Sh!t Radio Cast’s “label”) released Weezer’s b-side album Death To False Metal. I bought this in 2016 for $12 from my local record store on Record Store Day. When this record first came out SRC charged $25 for it. They have since lowered the price to the must buy price of $23!

$RC is advertising this as “limited” but I highly doubt that, especially since they have not released pressing info for this record in the over two years since it has been released. Don’t even bother trying to contact them asking about pressing info because they don’t even respond to people who foolishly gave them money for records they don’t even have in stock but claim they do. Since pressing info has never been released, and likely never will, it’s impossible to say how many copies there are, but since all copies are hand numbered, we can get a rough idea of how many copies there are. What I can tell you is that there were at least 1,435 copies pressed based on photos of the highest numbered copy I’ve seen. If you want to guesstimate from there, it might be safe to say there are at least 1,500 copies considering that is a nice round number to order from the plant.

Speaking of that numbering, it’s done on one of $RC’s infamous silver hype stickers that they affix to the outer poly sleeves of all their releases since they don’t seal any of them. Only this hype sticker says “srcvinyl LIMITED EDITION” instead of “SRC HIFI.” Along with that silver hype sticker with the numbering, which is placed on the back of the jacket/poly sleeve, there is also a black rectangle hype sticker on the front. All copies come on 180 gram black vinyl.

More details about the vinyl release of Death To False Metal; it comes in a gatefold jacket with a fold out insert. The insert has the lyrics printed on the inside panels and inside the gatefold jacket the full album art is printed. The artwork for Death To False Metal has been very well received, and is a huge departure from most Weezer albums, who are notorious for not only simple, minimalistic artwork , but using a group shot on most of their albums. The cover art fro Death To False Metal was done by Robert Pitt.

The vinyl version of Death To False Metal includes the previously iTunes exclusive bonus track “Mykel & Carli,” which is tacked on to the end of the album as the final track on side B. The entire album is comprised of songs throughout Weezer’s career (up until Hurley) It even has a song that Rivers Cuomo wrote as part of a Youtube interactive series, which took suggestions from fans/commenters.



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