Weezer – The White Album

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Vinyl

Weezer haven’t slowed down at all. They continue to churn out albums well into their 22nd year as a band. Their latest album, The White Album, is their 10th overall and continues their tradition of color coded self-titled albums. It’s the band’s first album in two years, and it’s another step in the right direction. It’s no Pinkerton or Blue Album, but it’s better than Hurley and Raditiude.

In an unusual move, there are actually variants for The White Album. Typically Weezer doesn’t have variants for their albums, and on top of that they’re usually all pressed on black vinyl, not even color vinyl for the most part. Yes there are exceptions, but when you dig deeper into them there are outlying circumstances. Hurley had variants, but that was released by Epitaph, who usually do variants for their releases. The Red Album and Pinkerton were re-pressed on color vinyl, but they were either re-issues in the case of The Red Album or in the case of Pinkerton, what amounts to a licensed re-press by yet another subscription service startup company trying to cash in on the vinyl trend and hipsters. And yes, The Green Album was pressed on green vinyl, but I think everyone can agree with that move. I’m sure The Blue Album will be re-pressed on blue vinyl at some point to further milk the vinyl trend.

The variants for The White Album are a bit complicated, but fairly straight forward to understand. The complications come in with how you are able to obtain certain variants. When the album was first put up for pre-order, it was announced that the first 400 orders would receive a limited tri-color variant. Every order after the first 400 would receive a copy of the album on white vinyl as long as supplies last. White vinyl supplies were limited 4,000 copies, so order 401 up to 4,000 would receive white vinyl. There is also a black variant as well, which will be available after white copies sell out.

Now with that said, the tri-color may not be limited to 400 copies. In fact, it’s likely not because the band sold copies of it at their album release show in New York City. How many copies were sold at that show is unknown. The same goes for white vinyl, it may not be limited to 4,000 copies. Pressing info has not been officially released for any variant. All that is known for sure is that there are at least 400 copies of the tri-color and at least 4,000 copies on white. The only variant to sell out so far is the tri-color.

As of posting this, white vinyl is still available from Weezer’s web store, which is the only place you can buy the white variant. Black vinyl is available everywhere other than Weezer’s web store at the moment. It’s likely the band will be selling copies of The White Album on tour with them this summer (2016), and it’s not known what color they will have. Could be white, could be black.

The tri-color is blue, green and white. Each color is opaque and takes up a third of the record in a triangle pattern. The blue is a hue between royal blue and sky blue and the green is between a kelly and mint green.

All copies of the record come with a download card for high quality 320 kbps MP3s. The record comes in a printed dust sleeve inside a single pocket jacket. There is a white hype sticker on the jacket. On top of the printed dust sleeve, which has the liner notes printed on it, an insert is also included, which has the lyrics on it.

Because of the somewhat limited nature of the tri-color, they were flipper gold. Many copies wound up on ebay and discogs, fetching upwards of $100. The lowest it sold for was $88. People were buying copies of the tri-color at the release show and immediately listing it on ebay while still at the venue. Completely ridiculous.

I had no interest in playing the games with this release. Not the fast finger contest of the tri-color variant, or trying to get tri-color at any point in time, nor ordering it from the Weezer store. First, I’m not going to order something without the guarantee of getting what I intended to order. Yes, the people handling Weezer’s web store did inform people of the cut off order number for the tri-color and offered to refund anyone who wanted to cancel their order. But that was unknown at the time of pre-ordering early enough to secure a tri-color. And even if I did want to roll the dice, the price Weezer’s store was charging made the decision even easier.

Weezer’s store is charging $20 for this album before shipping, then tack on another $11 and change for the cheapest shipping option, and there is no way I’m spending over $30 for a record I can get for literally half that price later on. In fact I did get it for well less than half Weezer’s price. I bought this for $13 shipped.

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