The Falcon – Gather Up The Chaps

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Vinyl
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The Falcon’s second full length album, Gather Up The Chaps, was released in 2016 by Red Scare Industries. In an odd move, Red Scare didn’t sell any copies of the record themselves, instead opting to give them to distribution and have the band sell copies on tour. Initially the only place to buy the album on vinyl online was Interpunk, but then other distros started carrying the record, which is when I bought a copy. Interpunk’s prices and shipping charges are ridiculous, let alone their business ethics, which are terrible. Within the last year Interpunk started flipping records in a dedicated section of their webstore, holding copies of their regular stock items to sell for hugely inflated prices later on. Even going as far as selling records that were intended to be free promo items given to people who bought a copy of an album. Which is why everyone should think twice about buying anything from Interpunk. But I digress.

Gather Up The Chaps is the band’s first album as a four piece, as Dave Haus joined as a full fledged member of the band. It doesn’t change their sound much, if at all. The rest of the band remained the same; Dan Andriano, Brendan Kelly and Neil Hennessey. The record was pressed on two variants; pink and black. Pink is a tour exclusive and is limited to an unknown amount of copies, but it is apparently “limited.” The pink on the record is darker than you’d expect, and it really stands out compared to the center labels, which are hot pink. Even though the pink was supposed to be a tour exclusive, after the band’s tour was completed after playing a festival in Europe in May, pink copies were given to German distro Green Hell. To have a pink copy to the USA cost about $28 after shipping and conversion. Interpunk was also apparently given pink copies as well that they were supposed to give out in random orders. Can’t wait to seem being flipped by them! Black is available everywhere else, and pressing info for it has not been released.

All copies come with an insert, which has the lyrics printed on it. There is no download card included, which is a bummer. Retail price on this is around $16. The band ws selling pink copies on tour for $15. I remember hearing people brag about buying this for $17 shipped and then other people bragging about $15. Well, I bought this for $11. And I didn’t have to pre-order it.


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