The Falcon – Hasselhoff Cheeseburger 7″ flexi

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Vinyl
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Another zine (New Noise Magazine) started a subscription series, and the first release in the series was from The Falcon. The issue of the magazine The Falcon flexi was included with was Issue 23. The flexi disc subscription was not truly subscription exclusive, as the zine put up leftover copies of The Falcon issues for sale individually for $5 (including shipping). The Falcon flexi is white and features the song “Hasselhoff Cheeseburger,” which later appeared on the band’s second full length album, Gather Up The Chaps.

Some people were upset that the flexi was made available outside of the subscription, and rightfully so. If I subscribed to anything in order to get something and later found out I didn’t have to subscribe and spend more money than I had to in order to get said item, I would be angry too. But that is why I didn’t subscribe to the magazine, especially after my experiences with The Gaslight Anthem fan club and from my observations of how these types of things wind up. Inevitably there are problems, whether they be with delays, being scammed out of money one way or another or not having to partake in the subscription to get the so called exclusive items.

To be honest I just planned on waiting to buy one of these Falcon flexis on the secondary market, at a price I deemed worthy all things considered. There was no way I was subscribing and getting a bunch of flexis and magazines I had no interest in and would struggle to unload either through selling or trading. It was my due diligence through a google search looking for a copy of this flexi that I found that New Noise Magazine was selling copies of the magazine guaranteed to come with The Falcon flexi outside of the subscription for $5 shipped. The magazine itself wasn’t that important to me, but if I could get it with the flexi for that cheap I see it as a bonus.

I’ve never heard of New Noise Magazine prior to this flexi series. I flipped through issue 23 after I got it in the mail and it’s kind of a poor man’s Alternative Press. If you remember AMP Magazine, New Noise is basically that but in color, and a lot shorter. New Noise is 70% ads with the other 30% actual content. The feature interviews are terribly short. The Falcon’s cover story was only a two-page spread.

I know some people received damaged copies of the flexi; where they were all torn up, cut or wrinkled up. Damage to the point the flexi was unplayable as the grooves were mangled. New Noise Magazine made good by them by sending replacement copies free of charge. The damage was attributed to the flexi not being inserted into the magazine. New Noise Magazine has since told the printer that the flexis needed to be inserted into the magazine prior to being packaged (magazine comes sealed in a plastic bag) with hopes that will correct the problem. I have included a photo of how I received my copy of the magazine prior to opening it up, with the flexi outside the magazine placed outside the back cover. Fortunately my copy of the flexi didn’t come damaged, but upon close inspection I can see the beginning of similar damage people who received destroyed copies described. It also doesn’t help that New Noise Magazine ships individual issues inside a manila envelope without any cardboard or other support/protection.







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