Gerard Way – Zero Zero 12″

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Vinyl
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Gerard Way released a 12″ single for “Zero Zero” off his debut solo album Hesitant Alien in 2015. This flew completely under the radar and got little to no press anywhere; message boards, blogs, zines, news sites, etc. Which is very surprising considering he was the front man of My Chemical Romance, a band with a huge fan base who buy up anything and everything related to them.

The single features two songs, one on each side. As I stated earlier the lead track is “Zero Zero” while the b-side is a true b-side left off Hesitant Alien; “Television All The Time.” This b-side was released prior to this single however, as it was a bonus track exclusive to the Japanese release of Hesitant Alien. This 12″ single marks the first time the song was released in the U.S. however.

There were 5,000 copies of this 12″ single pressed, all as a picture disc. It comes housed in a picture disc sleeve with a flapĀ that has the bottom two corners reinforced. The sleeve also comes sealed with a clear sticker on the flap, but it’s easy to peel back and keep intact to remove the record. There is a pink hype sticker on the bottom left corner as well.

Some people/sites are misinformed about the origins of this 12″ single, thinking it’s a Record Store Day (RSD) Black Friday release for 2015. That is simply not true. This record is not on any official RSD release list(s). It was however, released on the same day as Black Friday RSD in 2015; November 27. That is because the music industry decided to change their release day from Tuesdays to Fridays. Otherwise there would be no confusion about this record’s origins.

Retail price on this records is around $15 depending on the store/distro. If it hasn’t gone OOP at this point considering it’s connection to My Chemical Romance, it likely won’t for a while. So the price may drop on this as stores and distros are stuck with unsold copies. I bought my copy from Bull Moose, utilizing my Bull Moose points to get it for half off.

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