Jimmy Page – She Just Satisfies 7″ (3rd Press)

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Vinyl
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It’s not often that there is something on the UK Record Store Day (RSD) list that I want. But this year was one of the exceptions, as a re-pressing of the highly sought after Jimmy Page single where he sings lead vocals was released. I looked into buying it after RSD when stores put up leftovers, but the price after overseas shipping on top of the unfavorable exchange rate, made it cost prohibitive. Fortunately a wider release of the 7″ single was planned after RSD.

For those unaware, Jimmy Page, on top of being the guitarist in Led Zeppelin, one of the greatest bands of all time, was also a prolific studio musician. It was in the studio where Page cut his chops and earned his reputation. He has credits on literally thousands of tracks, from instrumentation to producing to writing and arrangement. Now even with all those credits to his name over his decades long career, he only sang lead vocals on one song; “She Just Satisfies.”

The single for the song was first released in 1965 on Fontana Records. It came housed in a blue stock Fontana paper sleeve with the b-side of “Keep Moving.” It was re-pressed in 1991 in the UK, and was faithfully re-created for a re-release in 2016 for RSD and later a wide release. As the single pre-dated stereo, it was released in mono format. Thankfully they didn’t attempt to re-master the song for stero. Although it would’ve been interesting to hear it in stereo.

So if you buy this and think it sounds funny, that it why. Don’t go trying to investigate the “problem,” as you won’t find one. It’s suppose to come out of one speaker. Since your setup likely has two channels, and two speakers as a result, there won’t be left and right audio on this 7″. The entire composition will play out of both speakers.

Copies from the original pressing from 1965 rank up there with the most expensive vinyl records of all time. The highest I’ve seen it go for is over $1,000, with many fetching over $700. The average is probably between $500-600 though. No idea how this latest re-press will affect the value of copies from the original 1965 pressing.

Retail price on this new pressing is on the expensive side because it’s a Euro import, $13 give or take. If you shop around you can buy this for under $10 however.

Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies - Copy


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