Matt Skba And The Sekrets – Kuts

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Vinyl
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Matt Skiba has kept himself busy when Alkaline Trio is not in the studio or touring. He’s had several side and solo projects over the years, not even counting that he is now a full time member of Blink-182. One of those side projects, Matt Skiba And The Sekrets, released their second full length album in 2015, entitled Kuts. I had high expectations for the album based off how good their debut album was, and my anticipation grew after hearing the lead single “She Wolf.” But I was left a bit disappointed with Kuts. It’s rather bland and forgettable. It makes you miss Alkaline Trio and fully realize one of the reasons that make them so great; the dual lead singer aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I love Matt Skiba and pretty much everything he has a hand in, but an entire album of him on lead vocals is starting to push it.

Kuts was pressed as a single LP across multiple variants. Two are domestic and two are Euro imports. Pressing info has been released for all of the variants except one, which happens to be the one I have in my collection. For the U.S. release the record was pressed on blue, limited to 750 copies, and red, on an unknown amount. Both colors are on 180 gram vinyl and match the cover artwork almost perfectly. The blue matches the background and the red matches Skiba’s sunglasses.

Blue was exclusive to the Matt Skiba And The Sekrets web store hosted by Kings Road Merch. Red was initially billed as a $hit Radio Cast ($RC) exclusive. That info was later proven to be false advertising on $RC’s part, as everywhere other than the Skiba store is selling the red variant. I’m not sure if $RC, $RCvinyl, or whatever they decide to call themselves now as I believe they formally changed their name in a likely attempt to cover up their track record of criminal business practices, ever changed their “exclusive color” advertisement. I’m not sure because they don’t even carry this record anymore.

For the U.S. variants, all copies come with a copy of the album on CD rather than a download code. The record comes in a full color, printed dust sleeve. The dust sleeve is on thicker than normal stock. It is be a nice touch, but I prefer inserts over printed dust sleeves all day long. In the grand scheme of things the printed dust sleeve with this release is pretty pointless. It only has the credits printed on one side with Matt Skiba’s logo printed on the reverse side. All the U.S. variants come with the same red hype sticker on the cover along with another sticker indicating the color of the record. This sticker is a small circle with no writing on it,  which matches the color of the record, it’s not a white sticker with the variant color printed on it.

The Euro variants for Kuts were distributed by Green Hell and Inside Out Music, both based in Germany. You could have them shipped to the U.S., but it was severely cost ineffective after the international shipping charges and unfavorable exchange rate with the Euro. The Euro variants are silver (Green Hell exclusive) and white (Inside Out Music exclusive), with both being limited to 100 copies each. I’m not sure if they’re on 180 gram vinyl though. I have never seen pictures of the Euro variants or the packaging for it. A CD is included with both variants as well.

This record cost a lot, no matter where you bought it from. It cost so much that it was actually cheaper in some cases to buy it from Germany, before shipping of course. White was available for 18 Euros and silver cost 19 Euros. Blue cost $20 and Red cost around $24 depending on where you bought it. Obviously international shipping costs would drive up the price of this record, but the point is the record itself cost less overseas than domestically. But if you look deeper into this release, you’ll find that the label releasing Kuts, Superball Music, is based in Germany. So technically this album is an import if you buy any variant as a U.S. resident.

Because of that import factor, prices on Kuts will likely never come down due to overhead costs. But on the other hand, it hasn’t gone OOP in over a year, so if you want to wait and see if prices ever do drop, you probably have some time. If they haven’t moved 750 copies of a record in over a year chances are they’re getting a bit desperate to unload them. I took advantage of Bull moose points to get this half off.

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