Nirvana – From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah (2nd Press)

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Vinyl


Nirvana’s second official live album, From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah, was finally re-pressed in the U.S. after being OOP for 20 years. This latest pressing is not one of those anniversary releases labels love to release these days though, which is both good and bad. The cost of this was kept down (relatively speaking) because it’s a no frills release. But on the other hand, had this been an anniversary release odds are it would’ve had a bit more depth to it. There might have been expanded liner notes, colored vinyl, a gatefold jacket etc. Bonus tracks would be a bit hard to include because it’s a live album, so from where and when exactly do you pull more tracks from?

As aforementioned, this is a no frills release. It’s not bare bones because there are inserts included, but it’s as close as you’ll get without being one. The double LP set comes in a flimsy single pocket jacket. Two inserts are included, but rather than that I would have preferred a gatefold jacket. Or even printed dust sleeves like the first pressing had. The second pressing comes on standard weight black vinyl, and a download card/code is not included.

Geffen apparently used the same master and plates (which are apparently in the Library of Congress) for the second pressing as the first pressing. Which means the band’s banter is included on this pressing as well. This bantering is exclusive to the vinyl version of this live album. There are more subtle differences/similarities between the two pressings. The first pressing has a red circle hype sticker on the cover while the second pressing does not. As I stated above the first pressing has printed dust sleeve while the second pressing has inserts instead. What is printed on them (either dust sleeves or inserts) are the same. Both pressings are on black vinyl and have stock Geffen (DGC) center labels. No idea how many copies were pressed for any of the pressings.

Retail price on the second pressing varies, but expect to pay around $35 for it. That price point is a bit of a double edged sword, which harkens back to my no frills non anniversary comment earlier. Had this been an anniversary release you can bet Universal (which owns Geffen) would tack on at least another $10 to the price tag regardless of it had any bonus features not found on the original/standard release. The insane price tag is simply because it’s a Nirvana release, and Universal knows they can cash in on anything Nirvana related. If you don’t want to pay close to $40 for this just wait a while and the price will come down. Eventually there will be enough unsold copies of this flooding the marketplace that distros and record stores will mark them down. Fortunately I snagged this for essentially half off from a third party seller on Barnes & Noble for $17 and change shipped. I usually don’t take those kind of gambles with third party sellers in fear of getting a CD and not a record, but this time it worked out.

From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah features songs recorded from a variety of venues and dates, encompassing all of the band’s studio albums and even some b-sides. Only the first three sides of this release contain the album, the forth side (Side D) has bantering between the band and crowd. The track listing printed on the back of the jacket is purposely left blank for this reason. I’m included a picture of the back of the jacket rather than type it out, and also to show the blank spot where Side 4’s track listing should be.

Before I wrap this up, yes I’m aware this is technically not a second pressing, as there was a European exclusive pressing done back in 2003 that is part of the Universal vinyl re-release series. This Euro exclusive pressing was done on 180 gram black vinyl and has a hype sticker denoting that feature and the Universal vinyl re-release series. However, some people claim this pressing is not on 180 gram, but a much thinner weight. I can’t verify these claims because I don’t own a copy of this pressing. This Euro pressing has the same track listing as all the other pressings.

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