Nirvana – You Only Live Twice

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Vinyl
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You Only Live Twice is an odd bootleg in that the “label” behind it released promo copies and also sold test pressings. Both are rare occurrences, because you don’t exactly want to promote an illegal product, and test pressings of boots are usually just lumped into the production batch being sold to generate more revenue. It’s a scary day when bootleg labels are beginning to cash in on the test press game.

This Nirvana bootleg is compiled from a number of shows from a wide range of years. All the performances are pre-Nevermind era though, 1988-1992. As aforementioned the “label” that released this, Visible Records out of the Czech Republic, made test presses available for purchase somewhere. They sold 14 test presses, which have alternate artwork all the way around, not just the cover. The cover art is a photo of Kurt Cobain standing with his guitar, with all the imagery and font done in yellow against a black background. They are also all hand numbered, but the /14 portion is actually printed onto the back of the jacket with the rest of the artwork. These “test pressings” also have a different title; Maybe You Live Twice. If it wasn’t shady enough that a bootleg label is selling 14 (a very high number) test pressing with alternate artwork, they change the title from what they would be calling the final product. It has all the hallmarks of a cash grab to lure in suckers; rarity, hand numbering, alternate artwork, different artwork, test pressing.

The normal run of this release is titled You Only Live Twice. Apparently 450 copies of this bootleg were pressed. But like with all bootlegs take that number with a grain of salt, it may not be accurate and it may be purposeful lie to drive up sales. There is a hype sticker, a blue circle, which you can see below. I included a close up photo of if so everyone can see what it says. This hype sticker is also affixed to the promo copies of this bootleg. The promo copies come in a plain black jacket with a die-cut center hole in the middle so the center labels show through. The back of the promo copies have white “stickers” for the track listing and liner notes, which indicate where and when all the songs were recorded. Rather than actual stickers I’m guessing they’re just sheets of paper cut down to size and glued onto the jacket.

Here is the track listing:

A1 If You Must
A2 Pen Cap Chew
A3 Raunchola / Moby Dick
A4 Run Rabbit Run
A5 Token Eastern Song
A6 Stain
B1 Oh The Guilt
B2 Mr Moustache
B3 Verse Chorus Verse
B4 Talk To Me
B5 Swap Meet
B6 Beeswax


Tracks A1-A3 were recorded at the Community World Theatre, Tacoma, WA 3/19/88 and have Dave Foster on drums. Track A4 is from a dorm party on 10/30/88, apparently at Dorm K208 at Evergreen State College in Olympia. Track A5 is from theLifticket Lounge, Omaha, NB on 10/8/89. Track A6-B3 was recorded at The Off Ramp, Seattle, WA on 11/25/90. Track B4 was recorded at a venue called Bloom in Mezzago, Italy on 11/17/91. Track B5: was recorded at the Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Denmark on 6/26/92. Track B6 was recorded at the Estadio José Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 10/30/92.


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