Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia EP

Posted: July 8, 2016 in Vinyl
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Foo Fighters released new material in the form of an EP in November 2015. The Saint Cecilia EP was released for free digitally, with a later physical release on vinyl planned. The only physical release for this EP was vinyl, which came out in February 2016. There is a U.S. and European pressing, but I don’t know of any discernible difference between them. The EP features five brand new songs. It sounds like a mix between Sonic Highways and Wasting Light; minus the corny themes and imagery found in Sonic Highways and a bit of the rawness and agression of Wasting Light.

Saint Cecilia was pressed as a 12″, thankfully, as it kept the cost down. It could easily fit on a 10″, but that would have driven up the price by at least $5. Or dare I say something more extravagant like a double 7″. This is a very affordable release, retail price is around $10. And it’s that cheap for a reason. I’ve never seen such a cheap release. The jacket is insanely thin and flimsy, the worst in that department in my collection. The paper dust sleeve is also very thin, about the same thickness as toilet seat covers you find in public bathrooms. No download code is included, but since the band gave the EP away for free it’s not a complaint, just on fact I’m reporting. There is no insert either, just the record crammed into a cheap jacket. They cut costs so much I’m surprised they sprang for shrink-wrapping.

Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia EP - Copy


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