Fake Problems – Strange Emotions 7″

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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Fake Problems self released a 7″ in 2015, their first new material in three years. The band has been somewhat on the back burner for a while. They haven’t released a full length album in almost six years. They’ve released a handful of songs during that span though; one split 7″ with You Blew It! and now this Strange Emotions 7″. Despite those long breaks between releases they continue to churn out top quality tunes.

Two songs appear on this 7″, and none of them are called Strange Emotions. The a-side has “Can You Live With That?” and the b-side has “Holy Attitude.” There were 523 copies pressed on black vinyl, which is the only variant. The record comes in a half fold sleeve with nothing printed on the inside. A download code is not included with the physical release, but you will get one emailed to you if you buy it from the band’s web store or direct download through their Bandcamp page. The 7″ costs $5 plus $3 shipping no matter where you buy it from.

Fake Problems - Strange Emotions - Copy

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