Jaws Soundtack (3rd U.S. Press)

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Vinyl
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The soundtrack for the film Jaws has gone through several pressings over the years. It was first released back in 1975 and was widely distributed across the world. This initial pressing was released on MCA Records and has the infamous MCA rainbow center labels.

The first real re-press was done in 1978, also on MCA Records. There are no major differences between the 1975 pressing and 1978 pressing, save for an iron-on patch that came with the 1978 pressing. This iron-on patch is the soundtrack’s artwork scaled down.

The most recent, and third pressing overall, was released in 2015, and is featured here. Again, everything remains the same for the most part between all the pressings. Except that this latest pressing from 2015 is released by Geffen Records, which MCA Records was merged into in 2003. So the same label essentially released the 2015 pressing, as MCA ceased to exist from 2004 onwards. Both of those label were/are part of Universal Music Group (MCA Music Entertainment Group up to 1996) anyway. Yes, the buyouts, mergers and other wheelings and dealings in the music industry is complicated, convoluted and names are constantly changing. So the only difference between this 2015 pressing and earlier pressing of the Jaws Soundtrack is that it has stock Geffen labels instead of the rainbow MCA labels.

The foreign pressings are wide ranging, but 99% of them are identical to the U.S. pressings save for the catalog numbers. The catalog numbers for each country are all different from each other. Those other countries are Belgium, Argentina, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Venezuela, the Netherlands/Holland, Canada, Germany, France and Japan. The only pressings with a very obvious difference are the Spanish, Argentine and Japanese pressing. The Spanish and Argentine pressings have a different title. It reads “Tiburon” instead of Jaws. Tiburon is Spanish for shark. The Japanese pressing has an ob-strip but retains the same cover art as all the other pressings aside from the Spanish and Argentine pressings.

Jaws Soundtrack - Copy



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