V/A – The Sopranos: Music From The HBO Original Series (Soundtrack)

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Vinyl
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A soundtrack that absolutely did not need to be pressed on vinyl was for the tv show The Sopranos. Yes, it’s a bit hypocritical to say that after buying it, but it needs to be said. Releases like this clog up plants and are purely cash grabs. So it should be no surprise that $hit Radio Cast ($RC) released this.

As with all $RC releases, this was overpriced. The soundtrack cost $31 when it was first released. Fast forward seven months and it was essentially put on clearance for $10 during a flash sale, which is when I bought a copy. Stupidly they have marked it back up to full price a few days after that flash sale, so the remaining copies will sit there for a long time. It’s pathetic to see that in 2015 $RC advertised this release as being close to selling out by saying “Rumors are it is almost sold out so we suggest you head over to the link below and get your copy ASAP” in a press release for it posted on a message board they own and operate when that could not be any further from the truth. That whopper of a lie is still visible and has not been edited, let alone deleted.

Let’s get this straight, I only bought this because it was $10. I would have never bought this if it was more than $15, because I knew it would inevitably be discounted to that price at some point like majority of $RC releases. I never expected to see it get marked down that low though. I also bought this along with all the outstanding (not adjective, verb) $RC releases I wanted; the Angus Soundtrack, Cartel’s s/t and The Juliana Theory’s Love, so I saved on shipping, which in turn made this soundtrack even cheaper.

The Sopranos Soundtrack was pressed as a double LP spread across two variants; translucent red 180 gram limited to 750 copies and translucent red with black smoke limited to 1,250 copies. The records come housed in a gatefold jacket, which has a spot gloss finish. The spot gloss can be found on the text on the cover and back cover. A fold out insert is also included, which has stills from the tv show on it along with the liner notes. This release was also mastered for vinyl by Kevin Gray.

All things considered the track listing for this soundtrack features many great acts. Bruce Springsteen (why I bought this to keep my Springsteen collection going), Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra and Cream.


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