Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (4th U.S. Press – 45th Anniversary Edition)

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Vinyl
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If you went to elementary school in the 90s you’ve undoubtedly seen Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory countless times in school. It seemed like anytime there was a half day teachers would show a movie rather than teach. I even vividly remember seeing the movie twice in one day in middle school (or junior high depending on where you’re from).

The soundtrack has gone through four pressings over the years. First released in 1971, repressed in 1973, again in 1980 and the latest pressing in 2016. This is for the current pressing released in 2016, which is part of the 45th Anniversary Edition. This 45th Anniversary Edition is pressed on gold vinyl. There is a hype sticker on the cover indicated gold vinyl and the anniversary release. Pressing info has not been released, and don’t expect it to ever be. I assumed the gold vinyl was limited, but it appears this entire pressing is on gold vinyl. They are the only copies floating around out there. The way things have been going with records lately, I thought they would do a special/anniversary/limited edition version with an exclusive variant, and then release a normal version on black vinyl that may or may not be cheaper.

One thing I wasn’t aware of prior to purchasing this pressing of the soundtrack is that it’s not simply on gold vinyl, it appears to be a picture disc. I can’t find the typically black seam around the edge where the picture pressed in between the vinyl is sealed in, but I’m pretty sure this particular pressing of the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is pressed in the same process of normal picture discs. Look at the entry for  The Juliana Theory’s Music From Another Room to see what I’m talking about. That record was pressed as a picture disc without a picture.

Something about it just seems off. It’s way too heavy to be a traditional record, and if it was they would surely advertise the fact it’s on heavyweight vinyl to either justify charging more or try to increase sales. It goes against logic, I know, seeing a picture disc without an actual picture in it. But the process remains the same, instead of a piece of paper with a picture, drawing or some other artwork on it pressed into two separate pieces of vinyl, a sheet of glitter or just glitter itself was sprinkled inside to get the metallic effect.

This soundtrack is on the expensive side, around $30 depending on where you buy it, some indie stores have is closer to $35 actually. If you shop around you can get a better deal on this record. But if you wait I’m willing to bet you can get it for closer to $20 than $30, because odds are these are not selling well. It’s been out for since February and hasn’t sold well for a soundtrack that was in somewhat high demand. This is undoubtedly because of the price. I initially thought the retail price for this was absurd, but after buying a copy (for $15) I realized the price is likely due in part to the fact it’s a picture disc and not a traditional record.

With all that out of the way there are some subtle difference between this latest pressing from 2016 and all the previous pressings. First off, the center labels are different. You can see the center labels for the 2016 45th Anniversary Edition below. The original 1971 pressings had stock white labels. The 1973 pressing had blue center labels with the Paramount Pictures logo along

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