Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution – A Call To Arms

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Vinyl
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The first and only Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution release, A Call To Arms, was finally pressed on vinyl in 2016. It only took 15 years. The EP was pressed as a 12″ and released by Pentimento Music Company, which is owned by Tomas Kalnoky (BOTAR, Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto).

This release came out left field. There were no pre-orders, Streetlight Manifesto simply promoted it on social media and the records shipped right away. The record is fairly cheap too, especially if you buy it in a bundle with the Streetlight Manifesto – Demo 12″, which was released at the same time as the BOTAR record. If you bought A Call To Arms alone it cost $10 (Streetlight release costs the same) before shipping, but if you bought it in the bundle, which cost $16, you obviously save $2. Shipping however, is where the affordable/cheap factor is immediately erased. The cheapeast shipping option The Risc Store (merchant hosted Streetlight Manifesto/Pentimento Music’s web store) is priority mail, which costs just under $9 for a single record or a little over $13 for the bundle.

No idea on the pressing info as it was never released, but all copies of A Call To Arms are pressed on black vinyl. I was fully expecting just the record slid into a standard jacket because of how cheap this release it, but when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised to discover there is a printed dust sleeve. The dust sleeve has the BOTAR logo on one side along with the track listing, with the other side having the lyrics printed on it.

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