Streetlight Manifesto – Demo

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Vinyl
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At first this record may seem like a cash grab, that is until you realize the circumstances Streetlight Manifesto and Tomas Kalnoky (Toh Kay) have been through during their career. The band and Kalnoky himself have been through the ringer with Victory Records, with lawsuits brought against them and the band and Kalnoky have been screwed out of who knows how much money. So when you see Streetlight Manifesto release a 12″ of their first demo from way back in 2002 on Kalnoky’s own label Pentimento Music Company you should be a bit forgiving.

This demo release came out left field. There were no pre-orders, the band simply promoted it on social media and the records shipped right away. The record is fairly cheap too, especially if you buy it in a bundle with the Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution – A Call To Arms 12″, which was released at the same time as the Streetlight demo. If you bought the Demo alone it cost $10 (BOTAR 12″ cost the same) before shipping, but if you bought it in the bundle, which cost $16, you obviously save $2. Shipping however, is where the affordable/cheap factor is immediately erased. The cheapeast shipping option The Risc Store (merchant hosted Streetlight Manifesto/Pentimento Music’s web store) is priority mail, which costs just under $9 for a single record or a little over $13 for the bundle.

No idea on the pressing info as it was never released, but all copies of the Demo are pressed on black vinyl. I was fully expecting just the record slid into a standard jacket because of how cheap this release it, but when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised to discover there is a printed dust sleeve. The dust sleeve is single sided, as one side is blank with the other side having the liner notes in the form of a lengthy note from the band detailing the history of every song.


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