Say Anything – I Don’t Think It Is

Posted: July 15, 2016 in Vinyl

Say Anything’s latest album, I Don’t Think It Is, is not their best work, but it’s far better than their previous album, Hebrews. This album actually has instrumentation on it, so that immediately gives it a leg up on Hebrews. One of the down sides is that a lot of the songs sound alike, so they all wind up blending together. But other than that I Don’t Think It Is sounds more like the Say Anything their fans have grown to love over the years, but it is still a big enough departure from that …Is A Real Boy sound to turn off many of their fans.

When you buy this record, whether it’s at your local record store, at a show or online, the first thing you’ll notice is the album art. It’s atrocious. And if you thought it looked bad looking at a picture of it in iTunes or a small jpeg online, it’s even worse scaled up to LP format. There is no escaping it. I don’t know what Max Bemis was thinking.

I Don’t Think It Is was pressed as a single LP spread across three variants; opaque sea blue limited to 1,00 copies, opaque light blue limited to 500 copies and transparent caramel limited to 500 copies.

The opaque sea blue was exclusively sold online in the Equal Vision Records web store hosted by MerchNow. When I obtained the pressing info from Equal Vision they also made mention this color is being sold on tour as well. Another interesting note is that they call this color opaque dark blue, despite that the hype sticker on the record and the item description on MerchNow says opaque sea blue.

The opaque light blue is a $hit Topic exclusive color. I obtained that number from Equal Vision. I needed confirmation on that number even though a $hit Topic rep said it was limited to 500 copies, because I don’t trust anything that comes out of $hit Topic’s mouth after all the crap they’ve pulled over the years, and they continue to add new BS to their repertoire. The latest example is refusing to offer refunds or exchanges on records bought online that are damaged during shipping when they ship records in oversized plastic bags with no cardboard or bubble wrap. They use to accept returns/exchanges, but now all of a sudden they don’t. All their BS over the years with records likely stems from them hemorrhaging money on them.

The transparent caramel is a retail exclusive color. So if you buy this anywhere other than Merchnow or $hit Topic you will get this color. Equal Vision call is transparent brown despite the hype sticker saying transparent caramel. If you haven’t guessed it yet, all the variants come with a hype sticker denoting the color of the record, and also advertise the fact they’re part of a “limited pressing” along with the exclusive bonus tracks found on the download card.

All copies come with a download card that yields four exclusive bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are (in order of appearance) “Slip,” “Slit,” “Slick” and “Spit.” These bonus tracks don’t appear on the actual record, they’re digital only. An insert is included as well, which has the lyrics printed on one side and the liner notes on the opposite side.

Prices on this range widely. MerchNow charged $20 before shipping. $hit Topic charges $22.90 before tax and shipping (if applicable). Prices in indie records stores range from $20 to $23, with many online distros charging similar prices. But if you shop around and be patient you can get a great deal on this record. I bought it for $13 shipped taking advantage of coupon codes and already lower prices at one distro. Odds are though that this record will sit around for a while. If it hasn’t sold out by now, three months after release date, it won’t sell out for a long time. I’m also basing this on Hebrews not selling out after two years, and these two albums are on par musically and popularity wise.


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