Vinnie Caruana – Survivor’s Guilt

Posted: July 15, 2016 in Vinyl
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Vinnie Caruana’s debut solo album, Survivor’s Guilt, was released by Equal Vision Records in the U.S. and distributed by Big Scary Monsters in the UK. The album was pressed on a handful of variants. There are a whopping six variants in total, three for the U.S. and three for the UK.

The three U.S. variants are baby blue limited to 300 copies, opaque light yellow limited to 500 copies and grey with white splatter limited to 700 copies. The baby blue is a tour exclusive and the pressing info is per a sign at his merch table, so that number may or may not be accurate. The yellow is a retail exclusive and the grey with white splatter is exclusive to Equal Vision web store hosted by MerchNow.

The UK variants are pink limited to 100 copies, grey with white splatter limited to 300 copies and black limited to 300 copies. The pink is a UK tour exclusive, but Vinnie only did five UK shows the pink variant was available at. It’s more of a baby pink that a hot pink. The grey with white splatter is only available from big Scary Monsters online as far as I can tell, and the black is available online from Big Scary Monsters and UK indie record stores like Banquet Records. I’m also not sure if there are any difference between the UK splatter and U.S. splatter, but the mock ups for each look completely different. The UK splatter mock up looks like an actual picture of the completed record while the U.S. splatter mock up still looks like a computer rendering, even after the record was released.

All the U.S. variants come with a hype sticker indicating the color of the record. All U.S. copies come with a download card for high quality 320 kbps MP3s. An insert ins included with U.S. copies as well, which has the lyrics printed on both sides along with the liner notes taking up a portion of one side as well. I can’t speak to any details like this for the UK pressing as I don’t own a copy.

Prices for the U.S. pressing range from $20 before shipping from MerchNow, between $19 to $23 at indie record stores to around $20 at online distros. But if you shop around and be patient you can get a great deal on this record. I bought it for $14 shipped taking advantage of coupon codes and already lower prices at one distro. Odds are though that this record will sit around for a while and it will get marked down. If it hasn’t sold out at this point it likely won’t for a long time, and considering his earlier EP, A City By The Sea hasn’t sold out after almost two years, Survivor’s Guilt will likely fall into the same boat.

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