Bad Books – Daytrotter Session

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Vinyl
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Usually Daytrotter Sessions are rarely released on vinyl, let alone on any physical format, and when they are its Daytrotter themselves releasing them as on overpriced 12″. Bad Books’ 2013 Daytrotter Session was released on vinyl in 2016 by the band themselves on their own label, Favorite Gentlemen. Yes, I’m aware Kevin Devine is in Bad Books, but I say their own label because its owned and operated by Andy Hull.

Initially the record was only available on Andy Hull and Kevin Devine’s solo co-headlining tour in early 2016. But after the tour concluded leftover copies were put up for sale online. The price was a bit high (including shipping) for a single LP, just under $20, but after you take into account what you’re getting it’s a bit easier to swallow. It’s a single-sided 12″ with a screen print of the cover art on the b-side. The cover art by the way features Nick Day, engineer for a lot of Andy Hull’s projects over the years.

There were 1,000 copies pressed, all on black vinyl with the same screen printing on the b-side. There are no different colors for the screen printing or different images, like some labels have done with various releases over the year to create variants. A download card is included as well as a double sided insert. The insert is pretty pointless however, as it’s just cartoon head shots of all the band members with coffee rings and stains strewn about both sides. The insert is so thin you can see through it, the images on the opposite side are easily visible.

Since Manchester Orchestra’s official web store is hosted by Big Cartel, people were being asshats and holding the entire stock of this 12″ in their carts so nobody could buy it. This immature nonsense went on for close to two hours before copies were finally freed up. I bought a copy nobody within the first minute the record went live, but it was slow going due to traffic volume. I wanted to check and see approximately how many copies were put up for sale online, but I couldn’t because of people holding the entire stock in their cart. Don’t worry, I’m never one of those people who bogarts items so nobody else can buy it, I simply add more copies than the entire pressing is out off to see how many copies are left or were available, then immediately clear my cart.

I bought this within the first couple minutes of it going live (something I rarely do for any release these days) expecting it to sell out pretty quick. But turns out I didn’t have to, because as of posting this there are 49 copies left for sale. Surprising considering it’s been over a month since this record was made available, and typically anything Manchester Orchestra and/or Kevin Devine related sells very strongly and quickly.




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