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As promised here are my updated Premier League predictions post deadline day; there are none. I am sticking with my original predictions, which can be viewed here. Again, I have not altered those predictions, and never will regardless of how foolish they may pan out to be. I welcome comments, critiques, discussion and screen shots to prove how big a fool (or genius) I am.

The only change I mulled over was putting Manchester United ahead of Arsenal, so United would finish third and Arsenal fourth. Both teams had favorable draws for their respective European competitions, with maybe United getting a more strenuous road facing two tough opponents as opposed to Arsenal’s one. But with that accounted for, and even after Arsenal finally bought a striker (which of course wasn’t the caliber of striker they needed) and shored up their back line with the much needed purchase of Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia, I still don’t see the Gunners being able to challenge for the title. But their streak of top four finishes is safe for another year. And even though United have gotten out to about as perfect a start as their fans dreamed of, I don’t see them being able to keep that pace for the entire season. I see Zlatan and Mourinho derailing things by running their mouths. The second Zlatan doesn’t get the ball enough or Paul Pogba steals the spotlight from him he will go into one of his infamous tirades. Mourinho again will rock the boat too much. Just too many cooks in the kitchen at United and countless distractions can arise from it.

But I’d rather just stick with my first choices and stand behind them, rather than alter things and have egg on my face if original predictions pan out. There just wasn’t enough evidence that convinced me to change things. Nobody made a big enough splash on deadline day to make themselves move up the table in my mind. All anyone did was consolidate their place.

So to wrap up again, here are my relegation picks: Hull City, Burnley and Sunderland.

Top 4 (in order): Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United.

European places (in order, 5-7, accounts for potential domestic cup winner scenarios & other qualifying means. I know typically only 1 English club qualifies for Europa League by league position): Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham

Top Half (in no order) = Stoke City, Everton, Leicester City,

Bottom Half (in no order) = Southampton, Watford, Middlesbrough, West Brom, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Swansea