Jimmy Eat World – Sure And Certain 7″

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Vinyl

In advance of Jimmy Eat World’s eighth studio album, Integrity Blues, a 7″ single was released, or at least it was anticipated to be released. The 7″, entitled Sure And Certain, was announced back in late August 2016 on the band’s official website, which also listed a pre-order link through Amazon with a release date of October 14, one week before the album’s release. I’m sure quite a few people pre-ordered the 7″ through Amazon as it was the only place to buy/pre-order it. But as time went on the 7″ was pulled from Amazon with no explanation.

As time wore on people forgot about the 7″ until Amazon pulled it and started cancelling orders on the 7″‘s release date of October 14. That move sent people scrambling on how to get the 7″. Lots of incorrect info was being spread from various sources; including the band themselves, their merch guys on tour, indie record stores, message boards, etc. Most of the incorrect info came from people who were misinformed, while others purposely lied to drive up business. Here is all the incorrect info out there. It was reported that the only way to get the 7″ was at a show on the band’s Integrity Blues tour if you pre-ordered the album (CD or vinyl) from an indie record store, but no mention of how to prove you pre-ordered it was made. Same people also said they bought a copy of the 7″ at a show. I contacted some indie record stores and was told it was a tour exclusive 7″. An indie record store owner (not one of the stores I contacted) said during an in-store the band played there that the 7″ was exclusive to them, no not an indie store exclusive promo like most of these free bonus items are, exclusive to his specific store.

All that was despite the fact that people at the Northeast in-stores the band played leading up to the album’s release were either given the 7″ at the in-store or would get it when they went back to pick up the copy of the album they had to buy in order to gain entry into the in-store. And that I got this 7″ on the album’s release day (October 21) for free from my local indie store with purchase of Integrity Blues, which also coincidentally held one of the pre-release in-stores earlier in October. So supplies of this 7″ seem to be not even close to exhausted, as my local store got more copies of it well after the in-store they held with about a 100 peeople capacity. So the only definitive way to get this 7″ that I am aware of is/was from an indie record store after buying the album Integrity Blues.

The 7″ features “Sure And Certain” on the a-side and has an exclusive b-side from Integrity Blues on the b-side; “My Enemy.” The 7″ comes in a regular 7″ jacket, but it’s made out of very thin card stock. No download card/code is included with the 7″, so the only way to get an MP3 of the exclusive b-side is to have a USB turntable or wait for somebody to rip it and post it online (which already happened, but the guy deleted the file after a few days and not many people took notice, but I did). It’s clear why “My Enemy” was left off the album, as it doesn’t really fit the vibe of Integrity Blues. But it’s still a good song regardless, it’s more reminiscent of older Jimmy Eat World albums.


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