Brand New – Mene 7″

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Vinyl

After a few years of silence Brand New released some new material. At first it was only one new song, called “Mene,” which was initially only released digitally. “Mene” was quickly followed (by Brand New standards) by “I Am A Nightmare,” and then the band re-recorded three of the songs that were part of what has been dubbed the Leaked Demos from 2006 and released them, along with the original demo version, as a 10″ EP.

“Mene” was released as a 7″ about one year after it was released digitally. The 7″ features another new song on the b-side, “Out Of Range.” The 7″ was pressed on clear vinyl, with an unknown amount pressed. I’ll get into the pressing info a bit later, but first some more details about this release. All copies come with a download card for high qaulity 320 kbps MP3s.

The “Mene” 7″ has some nice touches to it. The artwork for this 7″ is great, and it was done by Morning Breath, the same artist/company that did the artwork for the “I Am A Nightmare” 12″. There is a slip cover, which is a nice, clever touch. The slip cover is essentially tracing paper. The cover art that comes with the digital release is not exactly the same as the physical version, and it doesn’t do the physical version justice. The slip cover only has the head of the snake drawn on it in color. No words, no title of the release, nothing but the snake head. The actual jacket of the 7″ shows through the slip cover, which has the skeletal structure of the snake head along with the track listing and artist name printed on it. The text points to certain parts of the snake head, to imitate a scientific drawing you would find in a text book. There is more artwork on the back of the jacket. Nothing is drawn on the back of the slip cover, but the artwork on the back of the jacket obviously still shows through. The back of the jacket has a scientific drawing of a snake fang on it, along with the credits. This artwork scheme continues on the download card as well, as there is a scientific bisection drawing of some part of a snake. Forgive me, I am not a herpetologist.

Pressing info for the “Mene” 7″ has not been released. And based on the phrasing “indefinite pressing quantity” used on the band’s label’s official web store listing for this single, pressing info, if there is any to be had, will never be released. If that phrasing is indicative of anything, it’s that the single will be kept in print, and there were easily thousands of these pressed.

The “Mene” 7″ costs $6 before shipping directly from Procrastinate! Music Traitors, the band’s label. Their web store, which is hosted by Merch Direct, is pretty much the only place to buy the single, it hasn’t been distributed, at least not yet. With that said, Run For Cover Records (RFC) did get some copies of the single in their distro section, which is where I bought it from. RFC charged the same price for the records as Brand New, but RFC only charged pretty much half of what Merchdirect wanted for shipping; $5.75. Combine that with a 15% off coupon and by shopping smartly I got what will likely be the best deal possible on these records. Even if Merchdirect offered one of their many sales they do on a somewhat regular basis, shipping would pretty much negate any discount price. So you would spend basically the same as what I wound up spending buying these records from RFC. Merch Direct didn’t offer media mail shipping if you bought all three of Brand New’s new records, so shipping was just under $10 from them. And If you bought each of the Brand New records individually from Procrastinate! shipping would be $4 each time. However, after writing this I discovered that Bull Moose is carrying this 7″. But even with their free shipping it would be more than what I bought them for from RFC. Bull Moose marked up the records a bit; 97 cents for the “Mene” 7″.

One thing I will say about ordering directly from the Procrastinate! is that they send you two free stickers with each of the three records. You get a generic Procrastinate! label sticker and a release specific sticker. You don’t get those records if you order from RFC, but I’d rather save money.



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