Chris Farren – Can’t Die (1st Press)

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Vinyl
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Chris Farren’s debut solo album, Can’t Die, was released in September 2016 on Side One Dummy Records. I say debut because I don’t count a Christmas album (even if it has some original songs) as a debut. This album is the fifth (not counting the ton of one off covers he’s released over the years plus all comps he’s appeared on) solo release from Chris, and it appears as if Fake Problems may be over, which is sad. But at least it spawned a new career with new music in the same vein as Fake Problems.

Can’t Die is in line with Chris’ other solo stuff, and Fake Problems stuff too, but not to a tee. From first glance the album may have a dark side, but that can’t be further from the vibe of the album. The album is fun, and it’s definitely a grower. The more I listen to it the more I enjoy it.

From the obvious title contradicting with cover art, the funeral/death theme continues with the insert included with this release, which is a funeral program. When you open the insert up the lyrics are spread across the two inner pages. A download card is included with the record, which lands you high quality 320 kbps MP3s. Retail price on this single LP is $18.

The record apparently sold very well, as a second pressing is already out. The first pressing did sell out online via Side One Dummy’s web store, but copies of the first pressing can still be found at indie record stores and some online distros. But be aware that if you buy a copy of this record anywhere at this point you may get a copy from the second pressing; a first pressing is not guaranteed at this point.

It’s great for Chris that this album sold so well, and I’m happy for him and Side One, but to be honest it surprised me that the first pressing sold out so quickly. I knew it would eventually sell out, I just thought it would a lot take longer than a little over a month after release date. Granted it was up for pre-order since July 2016. And there was the pre-order incentive of an autographed head shot of Chris, on which he wrote goofy notes.

Here is the pressing info for the first pressing: pink and blue color in color limited to 200 copies, baby blue limited to 400 copies and baby pink limited to 400 copies. Pressing info for the second pressing: “ectoplasm” (color in color – doublemint inside milky clear) limited to 500 copies.


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