Green Day – Revolution Radio (1st Press)

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Vinyl

Green Day released their 12th studio album in 2016. The album, Revolution Radio, is their best since American Idiot in my opinion. Is it 90’s era Green Day? No. But is the album still enjoyable and have less of the cheesy pop music influences found on Uno, Dos and Tre? Yes.

Revolution Radio was pressed as a single LP and comes inside a single pocket jacket with an embossed cover. An insert is included, which has the lyrics printed on one side. But you might need a magnifying glass to read the lyrics because they’re printed in very small print. No download card/code is included with any copies of the record. Which is inexcusable these days. If you buy a copy of the record from Green Day’s official web store you get a download link either via email or with your order receipt after purchase. But I stuck it to Reprise by complaining about the record not having a download card by contacting them through the contact form on Green Day’s web store, and in response they sent me a download link. And it’s not the first time they’ve done that for me either.

The record has three variants; black, red and hunter green. Red is exclusive to Green Day’s official web store and hunter green is an F.Y.E. exclusive. Yes, you heard right, an F.Y.E. exclusive. It appears F.Y.E. is stepping into the ring (or octagon if you want to be trendy with an MMA reference) to take a piece of the overpriced exclusive colored vinyl game. Pressing info has not been released for any of the variants, and never expect it to be because this is a major label release. But both the hunter green and red variants have hype stickers that read “limited edition,” for whatever that’s worth.

Retail price on this record is around $20. But if you don’t care about vinyl color you can shop around and find this for under $15. I bought this for $13.46 from an online distro after taking advantage of an insane discount code.

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