Mudcrutch – 2 (1st Press)

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Vinyl
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Mudcrutch reunited, again, to release their second album. The album is lazily, but appropriately titled 2. To be honest I’m not even sure you can call it a re-reunion because the band never really broke up, they just stopped recording and touring as the project was never meant to be a full time gig. Unlike with the band’s debut album from 2008, 2 features all brand new songs, 11 tracks in total. Personally I like 2 better than s/t.

There was some misinformation being spread about the vinyl version of 2. Bull Moose tweeted out that the album would not be re-pressed, and once copies from the initial run were gone that was it. I’m not sure if that was a sales tactic on their part, because this album didn’t sell all that fast, or if they were given incorrect info. I want to believe it’s the latter because I love Bull Moose. Either way that OOP announcement turned out to be wrong, because the album was re-pressed. To be a bit fair to Bull Moose, the record did pretty much disappear from distros until it was re-pressed. Plenty of physical stores did have plenty of copies to go around though.

From what I can gather the first and second pressing are pretty much identical, save for a few key differences that can help you easily tell the pressings apart. The first pressing is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and the second pressing is done on standard weight 140 gram vinyl. There is a hype sticker on the cover of the first press advertising 180 gram vinyl, and a hype sticker on the second pressing, which makes no mention of weight. The hype stickers are basically identical other than the first pressing saying “180 gram vinyl” and the second pressing mentioning the singles from the album. Both hype stickers list the members of the band.

Both pressing come with an art print, but I’m not sure if the art print is the same for both pressings. The art print is a lithograph. Pressing info for either pressing has not been released, and never expect it to be. No download code/card nor a CD copy of the album are included with the record. Which is a bit of a letdown. These days there is no excuse for any record to not come with either of those so people can have easy access to digital files. Especially for a major label release. But I can see why major labels would not include a CD or digital download, because it would potentially lead to more profit as people would be forced to either buy the CD or digital download in order to listen to the album on the go.

To further illustrate the profit theory, Reprise/Warner Bros. retail price on this was close to $25. Way too much for a single LP even with the gatefold jacket, heavy weight vinyl and art print, but without a digital download or CD. I purposely held off on buying this record waiting for the inevitable price drop, even after seeing Bull Moose’s erroneous tweet. It took a while, but I finally snagged a copy from the first pressing no less, for $10 shipped off ebay in late August 2016. Since this was re-pressed it might be difficult to find this for well below retail price, especially a copy from the first pressing. There will almost certainly be flippers for copies of the first pressing now, because like I stated above physical stores and even ebay and discogs are littered with copies from the first pressing.

As for as I can tell this blog is the only place to post photos of the gatefold jacket (in its entirety, in one image) and art print (at least vinyl version. CD comes with same art print) that comes with this record.


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