Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Vinyl
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Frank Iero is back with another solo album, only this time under a different moniker. The new release is done under the name of Frank Iero And The Patience. His new album, Parachutes, was released on October 28, 2016, with the vinyl version being a delayed by about a week. The album is in line with previous solo releases.

Pressing info for Parachutes is a but unclear. The official pre-order for the record has a white variant limited to 2,000 copies. There is also a blue variant that may be either a Banquet Records (UK indie record store) or a UK/Euro exclusive. The copy I bought from a U.S. based distro (because I was able to snag it for $14 shipped instead of $19 plus shipping from the official pre-order) arrived on black vinyl. I have no idea how many copies were pressed on black vinyl, and considering I had no idea it existed, it’s not too surprising pressing info isn’t out there. Vagrant Records hasn’t been too helpful after contacting them about it, not even so much as a reply back with a simply “sorry we can’t/don’t want to divulge that info.” At this point I’m wondering if there are any other colors on top of the white, blue and black floating around out there.

What makes it hard to track down pressing info for this record is the fact that it’s a joint release with four different labels. Vagrant Records handled the U.S. release, Hassle Records handled the UK release and BMG Records is also involved as well as Frank’s own label B. Calm Press. BMG is a major label and it’s a 99.99% certainty they won’t respond to any sort of communication, and I just mentioned Vagrant’s lack of response above.

The record comes housed in a full color, printed dust sleeve. The lyrics are printed on one side of the dist sleeve, with an image of Frank’s parents on the reverse side where he thanks them. A download card is included, netting you high quality 320 kbps MP3s. There is a hype sticker affixed to the top right corner along with a parental advisory sticker in the bottom left corner. I hate those parental advisory warnings, but at least this is a sticker and it’s not actually printed on the album cover so it becomes an obtrusive part of the cover art.

About two weeks before the album’s release date Frank and his band were involved in a freak bus accident while on tour in Australia. I say freak because it’s not the typical bus/van crash you hear about with touring bands. The band was unloading their van on a public street in Sydney when a public transit bus (which wasn’t carrying any passengers) hit their van, which left Frank badly banged up and two other band members needing surgery. Everyone thankfully survived the accident. The accident forced the cancellation of the band’s tour dates for the foreseeable future.

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