Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow (Regular & Deluxe Editions)

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Vinyl

Two Door Cinema Club has matured with each album they’ve released. Granted, they’ve only released three full length albums to date, but their latest effort, Gameshow, is almost a perfect blend between their debut album Tourist History and their sophomore release Beacon. It may take a couple listens to fully appreciate the quality of Gameshow, and it’s an album well worth picking up on vinyl.

Gameshow was put up for pre-order way too far in advance of its release in mid October 2016. June the pre-order was launched; a full four months before its scheduled release. There are two ways to look at multiple month wait pre-orders; 1) your money is tied up for months and you may still end up waiting for you record for weeks if not months after the album’s release date, and 2) the long wait between pre-order and release date may ensure there are no shipping delays once release day finally arrives, and your order may ship before release date to ensure release day delivery. I can see why people fall into either category, but personally I try not to pre-order anything anymore because I can usually pick up a record for at least $5 cheaper months after its release, and I don’t mind waiting. On top of that it seems for every record that ships on time there are four that have shipping delays, and with as long as I’ve been buying records I’m tired of dealing with delays.

There are two different vinyl versions of Gameshow; a deluxe version and regular version. Both are double LPs, despite what Discogs and other sources say about the regular version. Yet another reason Discogs should be taken with a grain of salt. Since there are many differences, both major and minor, between the deluxe and regular versions I will tackle them one at a time in their own paragraph(s). But before I delve into the finer details, pressing info for either version and not been released, and you shouldn’t expect it to ever be released.

The deluxe version comes with an exclusive bonus 7″. The album itself is pressed on 180 gram blue vinyl. The 7″ is on black vinyl however. The cover art for the deluxe version differs from the regular version, so you can call it alternate artwork. There is no band name or album title printed on it. The finish of the cover/jacket is also rainbow wrap, which is reflective. The spine has a silver foil wrap finish. The entire jacket has this rainbow foil wrap reflective finish. You can see the rainbow effect on the cover and inside the gatefold in the pictures below, and it looks different from different angles. There is a small black square hype sticker affixed to the top left corner of the shrink wrap as well. The records comes housed in a gatefold jacket, and an insert is included, which has the lyrics printed on one side.

There are five bonus tracks exclusive to the deluxe version; two brand new studio songs, two remixes and one live version of songs that appear on the regular version of the album. However, only the two studio songs appear on the physical vinyl format, and they are on the bonus 7″ included with the deluxe version. The two songs appearing on the 7″ are “Gasoline” and “Suckers.” The two remixed bonus tracks are “Ordinary (Sam Halliday Remix)” and “Bad Decisions (Kev’s Summertime Madness Remix).” Kevin Baird did the “bad Decisions” remix. The live song is “Gameshow (live at Bonnaroo 2016).” and accessible via the download card included. The download card nets you WAV files, which I can’t stand. It’s nice to have great quality audio tracks at your disposal, but because the album comes in WAV form it’s over 1.5 gigs in sizes, and you have to convert it to MP3 in order to import it into iTunes. The deluxe version retails for around $30. I bought it for $21 shipped from an online distro after taking advantage of a ridiculous sale.

The regular version is pressed on standard weight black vinyl and does not come in a gatefold jacket. The cover art is the standard album art, with a normal finish. You can see the differences between the deluxe and regular artwork in the pictures below. There is no hype sticker on the regular version. No insert is included either, but each record comes in a printed dust sleeve. Each dust sleeve has the corresponding lyrics printed on it, with the same imagery found on the reverse side of both sleeves. These dust sleeves are extremely thin, and I imagine it’s impossible for any of them to arrive without splits in them as a result. There is no 7″ included with the regular version and you don’t get any of the bonus tracks that come with the deluxe version either. There is a download card with the regular version, which nets you the same WAV files minus the deluxe exclusive bonus tracks. The regular version retails for around $20. I bought it for $13 shipped from an online distro after taking advantage of a ridiculous sale.


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