Anthony Green – Pixie Queen

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Vinyl
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Anthony Green is back with yet another solo album. It’s amazing how he is able to do so much. He has a bustling family, with his wife Meredith (who is featured on the cover art of Pixie Queen) just giving birth to the couple’s fourth child. He’s busy with not one but two bands; Circa Survive and Saosin. And that is on top of his solo endeavors. Pixie Queen is Green’s fourth solo album, with all of them being released in the span of eight years. The three year gap between Pixie Queen and his previous solo album, Young Legs seems like an eternity in Green time. I think Pixie Queen is Green’s best solo album since his debut, Avalon. It’s not that Beautiful Things and Young Legs are bad, they’re just not at the same level as Avalon or Pixie Queen.

Pixie Queen was pressed as a single LP on four different variants; black & red a-side / yellow & orange b-side limited to 500 copies, red a-side / orange b-side limited to 3,000 copies, black and red limited to an unconfirmed amount (1,000) and clear with yellow, red and black splatter limited to an unknown amount. Some of the variants are exclusive to certain places as well. The black & red a-side / yellow & orange b-side is Memory Music web store exclusive, the black and red is an indie record store exclusive and the clear with yellow, red and black splatter is a tour exclusive. The red a-side / orange b-side is the variant you will get if you buy it from all retailers other than a brick & mortar indie record store, though it can also be bought via Memory Music’s web store as well.

In the pressing info above I say unconfirmed amount for a very good reason, it’s just that, unconfirmed. That number has been posted on message boards and Discogs without a reliable source. The number being thrown around for the black and red indie record store exclusive was first posted on Bull Moose’s web site and everyone ran with it. Not saying Bull Moose is/was wrong, but they have been given incorrect/inaccurate info before. Same thing goes for the clear splatter tour variant, but the “source” is so shaky I won’t even call it unconfirmed. Someone on the aforementioned message board said the merch guy told him they “got 500 and it’s likely out of 1,000.” Because we all know if there is someone in the know it’s the merch guy/girl. Not even a sign at the merch booth/table saying limited to xxxx; pure word of mouth. But of course that doesn’t stop some fool from posting that info on Discogs.

All the pressing info I post is straight from the source, either from pre-order/item pages for that specific variant/pressing or straight from the label releasing it. So until I hear back from the label or even Anthony Green himself I will refrain from nailing down a number for the red/black and clear splatter variants.

The indie store exclusive red/black seems to be a bit misleading. They appear mostly black, but when held up to light spots of red become visible. Some people say the black & red a-side / yellow & orange b-side has little to no yellow or orange on the b-side. The a-side looks for like a swirl/splatter too when held up to light. The red a-side / orange b-side (which I own and is featured in the photos below) appears mostly red on both sides. The orange is a very subtle difference, but it you look at it long enough/closely enough you can tell the difference. What is pictured below is the red a-side/orange b-side retail variant.

The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket, with the record itself coming in a thin poly dust sleeve. Personally I hate the poly dust sleeves because they crinkle up when trying to slide them back into the jacket. But the poly lined paper dust sleeves are the best dust sleeves available. It’s insanely rare for any record to come with the poly lined paper dust sleeves, you typically have to buy them from specialty suppliers or record stores. All copies come with a download code, taking you to the Bandcamp page where you can choose what kind of digital files (320 kbps MP3, FLAC, etc.) to download.

Retail price on Pixie Queen is around $20. Memory Music charged $18 for each of the two variants they sold, then charged $5.40 for shipping. Since the least rare variant is limited to a couple thousand copies, you can likely wait and pick this up at a discount later on down the road. That is if rarity and/or color are of no importance to you. For example, I bought this for a little over $12.50 shipped.




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