My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Vinyl

In 2016 Reprise Records re-released The Black Parade in a 10th Anniversary set with a slightly tweaked title; The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts. The newly released version of the album was pressed as a triple LP in a tri-fold jacket. It was pressed on two different variants; black and clear with white. The clear w white is a F.Y.E. exclusive, and some sites are calling it “clear w/ white swirl” despite the hype sticker (which said site has a picture of) only stating “clear with white.” Pressing info has not been released for either variant, and never expect it to be because it’s a major label release.

The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts features 11 exclusive bonus tracks, which are all demo versions of songs recorded during The Black Parade sessions. Some of these songs wound up as album tracks on the final version of The Black Parade, while others are making their first appearance out in the world. These never before heard tracks are (in order of appearance) “The Five Of Us Are Dying,” “Kill All Your Friends,” Party At The End Of The World,” “Not That Kind Of Girl,” “Emily,” “Disenchanted” and “All The Angels.”

Initially the only variant available was the black, posted for pre-order in the band’s web store in a bundle with a flag that cost $50 before shipping. Of course a few suckers fell for this bundle thinking it was the only way to get the vinyl version of the release. That bundle is still the only option for the vinyl version on MCR’s web store, but it did become available separately from various online distros, Amazon and indie record stores, which honestly shouldn’t surprise anyone. For a release as big as this, from a band as big as My Chemical Romance, you should expect a wide release. If The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts was going to be limited, or a specific variant was going to limited to a small amount, you better believe a major label would make that information as visible as possible to drive up sales. Plus, major labels rarely, if ever, limit an entire release to any quantities less than thousands.

The tri-fold jacket for The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts is inspired by the original release of The Black Parade, but there is an obvious twist to it. You can see the inner panels of the tri-fold in the photos below. An insert is also included, which has the lyrics printed on both sides of it. As aforementioned, every copy has a white square hype sticker affixed to the top left corner. The hype sticker only indicates color of the F.Y.E. exclusive color, the black copies do not mention vinyl color. No download card/code is included with the release nor a CD copy, which is inexcusable these days. If small indie labels can afford it a major label better not cheap out on a release they’re charging over $30 for (F.Y.E. exclusive costs $33). But as an incentive to buy it directly from Reprise via the MCR web store, a digital download is included with every purchase. But you’re no doubt paying for the digital download “included” with the bundle as it’s likely factored into the total price. But I bought this for $22.50 shipped via an online distro whose prices are already $4-5 cheaper than retail, and on top of that used a 25% off coupon.

You can read about the original release first pressing of The Black Parade here and you can read about the special edition box set released during the original run of The Black Parade here.



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