V/A – Underworld Soundtrack

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Vinyl
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Record Store Day Black Friday (RSD) is usually a pain free experience because first off the releases are far fewer in number, and on top of that most of the releases are not as sought after/in demand as the regular RSD in April. I’ve never had a problem getting every RSD Black Friday release I wanted and I’ve never had to line up to get them. It’s gotten so lax that this year I purposely did not go to my local store, and opted instead to buy everything I wanted online as stores posted their leftovers. That decision was made after the only release I felt may be difficult to track down, the Dustin Kensrue 7″, was being sold online, albeit a different variant, prior to RSD Black Friday. The two other releases I wanted, the Underworld Soundtrack and the Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics LP I felt were worth rolling the dice on, especially since Bull Moose, who I bought these two RSD releases from online, had cheaper prices than my local store.

The Underworld Soundtrack is on the extremely pricey side. Retail on it is around $35. Thankfully I had Bull Moose points to use on it to get it half off. But the price (retail) is easier to swallow after seeing how nice this release is. The soundtrack is pressed as a double LP and comes with a gatefold jacket. The records themselves are housed in printed, glossy paper dust sleeves. On the dust sleeves is never before seen/released story board art for the film. The artwork on the sleeves is very nice, very elaborate for a story board. It’s not your typical simple sketches most story boards are composed of. The artwork inside the gatefold jacket is pretty pointless. They could’ve went with better imagery, something like a collage of stills from the movie. Not just the opening scene of the movie.

The jacket itself has a glossy finish, and is nice and thick. Each copy is individually numbered in gold foil stamping on the back of the jacket. The quality of dust sleeves however leaves a lot to be desired. They’re very thin, not unusual for printed dust sleeves, but all I’m saying is they could and should be made of thicker material. Especially for the price of this record. The timing of this record is awfully suspicious too. It was initially released back in 2003, but is only now seeing the light of day on vinyl, on RSD no less. Likely because there is a new movie in the Underworld franchise coming out in January 2017.

There are two variants for this records, and thankfully one is not rare than the other and it’s not a needle in a hay stack endeavor to find the rarest variant. Both variants have a white sticker affixed to the top left corner indicating the vinyl color. Other than that sticker there are no hype stickers or any other stickers on the cover. Both variants, translucent blue and clear with black smoke, are limited to 1,000 copies a piece. So 2,000 total copies for this record. Going into this I had no preference for either color. But after getting the translucent blue and seeing pics online of the clear w/ black smoke, I’m happy I wound up getting a copy on translucent blue as I feel it matches the packaging and imagery of this release better.

I bought this soundtrack for the Finch song, “Worms Of The Earth.” It’s the first and only time the song has been released on vinyl, as it’s a b-side from What It Is To Burn. In fact, this soundtrack is one of only two places the song was physically released, with the other being the Atticus Dragging The Lake II compilation from 2003.


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