Moneen – The Theory Of Harmonial Value

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Vinyl

Moneen’s debut full length, The Theory Of Harmonial Value, originally released in 2001, was given the vinyl treatment in early 2017 by Dine Alone Records. Many people clamored for it, especially after seeing all of Moneen’s other albums pressed and/or re-pressed in recent years.

The Theory Of Harmonial Value was pressed as a double LP on one variant, metallic gold / black swirl, which is limited to 500 copies. The record was first sold at Moneen’s string of The Red Tree 10th Aniversary shows in Toronto in early January 2017. Dine Alone held some copies to sell online however, which went on sale about a week after the shows. With a price of $35 Canadian (about $25 USD) plus shipping from Canada (should you live in the U.S.) coming in at $17 Canadian ($12 USD), this record is expensive. But it’s the only way to get it unless you want to pay flipper prices on the secondary market when this inevitably sells out. But with that said, this hasn’t sold out yet.

The high price tag for this is a bit justified though. There are some touches to this record, starting with the jacket. There is a tip on glossy photo affixed to the center of the jacket, which is a wide spin rather than a gatefold. A gatefold jacket for this release would have really set it off. On top of that there is a clever insert included. It’s a booklet, which is meant to replicate Lozlo Pronowski’s journal. The replica journal is kept inside a small manila envelope with a metal clasp seal. The booklet has the lyrics printed inside, along with notes/writings from Pronowski. For those unaware, before you go Googling Lozlo Pronowski, he is a fictional scientist created by the band.

An interesting note about how Dine Alone shipped copies of The Theory Of Harmonial Value. They painted a red line on all the LP mailers they used to ship out orders of the record, and I’m guessing orders for the re-press of The Red Tree as well, which went on sale at the same time as The Theory Of Harmonial Value. This hand painted red strip is inspired by the identical stripe painted on the cover of The Red Tree box sets. Which also happened to go on sale at the same time too. And according to Dine Alone, the reason for the mailers being painted is because they needed a fall back in case the proper boxes intended for The Red Tree box set didn’t arrive in time for any of Moneen’s shows in Toronto where the box set would be released.

Apparently this metallic gold / black swirl variant is a deluxe version, with that color and the finer details (tip on glossy photo cover and booklet insert) being exclusive to the deluxe version. As of posting this Dine Alone has not announced plans for a non-deluxe version.



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