Valencia – This Could Be A Possibility (1st Press)

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Vinyl

Valencia’s debut album, This Could Be A Possibility, was finally pressed on vinyl in 2016. I Surrender Records released it, who originally released the album back in 2006 and also pressed Valencia’s B-sides And Rarities 7″ in 2011. This Could Be A Possibility has already gone through a second pressing, which is surprising.

It’s not surprising that the record sold well, just how fast the first pressing “sold out” and why I Surrender would go ahead and do a second pressing so quickly. Let’s get some things straight before going any further. The first pressing, which is on red vinyl limited to 1,000 copies, is not exactly sold out. It’s just no longer available via I Surrender Records’ web store. What happened was they sent out a portion of the pressing to distros. So there are copies  from the first pressing floating around in various places. Places like indie record stores, Amazon and other online retailers of records. Then there is also the secondary market like eBay, where you can still easily find copies for close to if not below retail price. Retail price on this by the way is around $20. I Surrender charged $20 for it in their web store, but I was able to pick this up for $17.99 at my local record store, even after their mark up. Go figure. At one point you could even buy copies on eBay for $16.

The first pressing comes in a thin single pocket jacket with a full color, printed dust sleeve. There is no download card/code, despite I Surrender being the label that originally released the album. No excuse for that, especially when you want to charge more for it than a brick & mortar store. Not sure if the second pressing has the same packaging as the first pressing, it should, but you can’t take anything for granted. The second pressing is limited to 500 copies on random blended colors. I’m assuming “blended” is the same as No Idea’s infamous “random mix.” The picture I Surrender posted with the item page in their web store for the second pressing has the record on a mint green color.


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