Circa Survive – On Letting Go (Deluxe 10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Vinyl

In what appears to be a series of releases, Equal Vision Records re-released On Letting Go (OLG) for the album’s 10th Anniversary in 2017, again giving it a deluxe edition just like they did with Juturna. Again, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go is a triple LP housed in a triple gatefold jacket. And again, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go is limited to 2500 copies. And yet again, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go was pressed on a combination of splatter and mix/marble/swirl colors. And if those agains weren’t enough, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go also has on etching of the album art on the F-side.

The colors are as follows; first disc on blue and purple a-side/b-side mix with black splatter. Second disc on white and blue a-side/b-side mix and the third disc is on red and gray a-side/b-side mix.  The mixing is minimal, as in there is barely any intentional difference between the layout of the b-side and a-side. It’s the same colors from each respective a-side. So even though EVR went out of their way to have a lengthy description of the colors, they could have, and should have, simply put them as blue and purple with black splatter, white and blue mix and red and gray mix. No need for the a-side b-side nonsense.

As aforementioned, the deluxe edition has an etching on the final side of the triple LP set, which is the f-side. The etching features just the balloon girl from the artwork, nothing more like was done with Juturna, which has more elements of the artwork, like the gate along with the girl. There is a hype sticker affixed to the top left corner of the jacket indicating it’s the deluxe edition, the pressing info and the color of vinyl. The hype sticker actually has the colors of the set properly labeled, like I did above.

The triple gatefold jacket with OLG is much worse than what was done with Juturna . With Juturna at least EVR went different imagery on each of the three panels. It’s actually great , expanded artwork. OLG has the same exact imagery on two of the three panels. And the middle panel just has the lyrics printed on it, in small white font. But hey, there is symmetry to the gatefold!

There is also no booklet or insert with the deluxe edition of OLG, while the deluxe edition of Juturna came with a great full size, fold out booklet. The download card/code that comes with OLG is also a bit of an issue. As it does not blatantly deliver the stems that are included with the purchase of the vinyl version of the deluxe edition. They are somewhat hidden in a notepad/word document that you have to be careful not to immediately delete once you unzip the file. Once you open that notepad/word document, the only text in it is a link for the stems download that you have to copy and paste into your web browser, and a download automatically pops up once the site loads.  The only reason I discovered this is because after I added the folder to my iTunes I realized the stems weren’t in there. So I went back and double checked the folder and found a file that wasn’t an MP3. Otherwise I would’ve deleted it without getting the stems. And while we’re talking about the stems, those files are huge. Over 2 gigs in size and they’re in WAV form. Plus, they’re not properly labeled after you import them into iTunes, so you have to go back to the folder once again to match up the corresponding track names and edit each track in iTunes.

Along with the stems for each song, the deluxe edition also includes demo version of all the album tracks except “Carry Us Away,” plus some demos of b-sides as well. The demos are found on the record (sides C, D and E) along with the download card/code. The studio album and demos are in 320 kbps MP3s.

So in short, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go is far worse than the deluxe edition of Juturna. The price point is the same between both of them too, $50 before shipping. Which makes OLG stand out for being worse even more. Thankfully I bought some other things with the deluxe edition of OLG so I saved a bit shipping by being able to spread it out amongst a few records, instead of having the full $5 and change shipping tacked onto OLG.


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