Eve 6 – s/t

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Vinyl

There are always albums that likely won’t see the light of day on vinyl. But then an upstart label comes out of left field to license it in order to press it. And that is the case with Eve 6’s debut self-titled album. Originally released in 1998, it took almost 20 years for a label like Wargod Collective to have the gumption to press Eve 6.

The record was pressed on two different colors; clear/black swirl and red/black swirl. The clear/black swirl is limited to 300 copies and the red/black swirl is limited to 700 copies. Both colors are on 180 gram vinyl, and the record is obviously a single LP. There is a hype sticker, at least on the clear/black smoke copies, that indicates color. The hype sticker calls the clear/black smoke “smoky clear” though. A subtle difference, but one worth noting. An insert is included, which has the lyrics printed on it. No download card/code likely because this is a licensed release.

The red/black swirl was a bundle exclusive, exclusive to two different bundles in fact. One bundle with art prints (six different 4×6 prints) and another that included both variants. As of posting this the only variant sold out is the red/black swirl. The clear/black swirl is still available from the label’s web store (hosted by Merchnow) and whatever distros or indie record stores still have copies left.

Retail price on this is around $25, but you can find this for much cheaper if you shop around and/or take advantage of sales whether they be general markdowns or via coupon/promo/discount codes. I was able to get this for $17 shipped by taking advantage of a ridiculous 25% off sale an eBay seller/store was having plus a $15 off eBay coupon (not eBay bucks) for orders over a certain amount. But places like Bull Moose are selling this for $23, and they offer free shipping for orders over a certain price threshold.


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